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Thunderbird Motel – Hope British Columbia – Ryan Jenkins Found Dead in Thunderbird Motel in Hope, BC

Thunderbird Motel – Hope British Columbia – Ryan Jenkins Found Dead in Thunderbird Motel in Hope, BC

Murder suspect Ryan Jenkins was found dead in a room of the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, British Columbia on Sunday. Ryan Jenkins was the reality TV star wanted for the murder of his ex wife, former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore.

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The usually quiet town of Hope is under the glare of a North American media spotlight, but it’s not the story anyone in the community of Hope expected. The discovery of the body of Ryan Jenkins in a motel has brought out Canadian and American media. Outside the Thunderbird Motel, the flashing neon sign reads “No Vacancy” and the driveway is backed up with satellite trucks and camera crews, including the main Canadian TV networks, and U.S. heavyweights like ABC which have been following this story since it started in Los Angeles with the murder of Jasmine Fiore. The Thunderbird Motel is on a very rural road, and if one were on the run, they might stand out here, rather than blend in. Truckers passing through Hope tell us they have had an ear on the story. “We talked a little bit about the guy and we hoped they’d catch the guy. We didn’t want him running around Canada.”

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Blake! We found the secret Bat Cave!

Blake! We found the secret Bat Cave!

Image by Chuck “Caveman” Coker
This is the secret Bat Cave used in the Batman TV series from 1966 to 1968. The real name of this place is the Bronson Caves in Bronson Canyon.


From the Wikipedia entry Bronson Canyon:

Bronson Canyon is a section of Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California that has become famous as a filming location for a very large number of movies and TV shows, especially westerns and science fiction, from the early days of motion pictures to the present. Its craggy and remote-looking setting, but easily accessible location, has made it a prime choice for filmmakers, particularly of low-budget films, who want to place scenes in a lonely wilderness.

Originally named Brush Canyon, the famous hill and cave setting is on the western side of Griffith Park. In 1903, the Union Rock Company founded a quarry for excavation of crushed rock, used in the construction of city streets. The quarry ceased operation in the late 1920s, leaving the caves behind. The caves, known as the Bronson Caves, gave the area its more popular name of Bronson Canyon.

Scenes of the main cave entrance are normally filmed in a manner that shows the entrance at an angle. This is because the cave is actually a very short tunnel through the hill, with the rear opening easily visible in a direct shot. The most well known appearance of the tunnel entrance is likely as the entrance to the Batcave in the Batman television series of the 1960′s.


Movies filmed in Bronson Canyon

(These are films I was able to find. There are probably others.)

• Lightning Bryce (National, 1919)
• Riders of the Purple Sage (Fox, 1925)
• King of the Wild (Mascot, 1931)
• The Lightning Warrior (Mascot, 1931)
• Hello Trouble (Columbia, 1932)
• Hurricane Express (Mascot, 1932)
• Sagebrush Trail (Monogram, 1933)
• The Three Musketeers (Mascot, 1933)
• The Vampire Bat (1933)
• Honor of the Range (1934)
• Mystery Mountain (Mascot, 1934)
• Coyote Trails (Reliable, 1935)
• The Phantom Empire (Mascot, 1935)
• Flash Gordon (Universal, 1936)
• Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (Republic, 1936)
• Zorro Rides Again (Republic, 1937)
• Lost Horizon (1937)
• Dick Tracy Returns (Republic, 1938)
• Hawk of the Wilderness (Republic, 1938)
• The Lone Ranger Rides Again (Republic, 1939)
• Rancho Grande (Republic, 1940)
• The Adventures of Captain Marvel (Republic, 1941)
• Dude Cowboy (RKO, 1941)
• Call of the Canyon (Republic, 1942)
• Leather Burners (United Artists, 1943)
• The Monster and the Ape (1945)
• Pirates of Monterey (Universal, 1947)
• Silver River (Warner Bros., 1948)
• Superman (Columbia, 1948)
• Atom Man vs. Superman (Columbia, 1950)
• Barricade (1950)
• Mark of the Gorilla (Columbia, 1950)
• Flame of Araby (Universal, 1951)
• Ten Tall Men (1951)
• Unknown World (1951)
• African Treasure (Monogram, 1952)
• Carson City (Warner Bros., 1952)
• Julius Caesar (1953)
• Robot Monster (Three Dimensional, 1953)
• Killers from Space (RKO, 1954)
• King Dinosaur (1955)
• The Day the World Ended (Golden State Prod., 1956)
• Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Allied Artists, 1956)
• It Conquered the World (1956)
• Man Beast (1956)
• The Searchers (Warner Bros., 1956)
• Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)
• The Brain from Planet Arous (Marquette Productions, 1957)
• China Gate (1957)
• The Cyclops (1957)
• The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent (1957)
• Sea Serpent (1957)
• The Bride and the Beast (1958)
• Earth vs. the Spider (American International, 1958)
• The Flame Barrier (1958)
• Monster from Green Hell (1958)
• Night of the Blood Beast (1958)
• The Return of Dracula (1958)
• Teenage Caveman (1958)
• The Cosmic Man (Allied Artists, 1959)
• Have Rocket, Will Travel (Columbia, 1959)
• Invisible Invaders (1959)
• The Jayhawkers (Paramount, 1959)
• Teenagers from Outer Space (Warner Bros., 1959)
• The Cape Canaveral Monsters (CCM, 1960)
• Eegah (1962)
• The Magic Sword (1962)
• Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)
• Ride the High Country (MGM, 1962)
• The Three Stooges Meets Hercules (Columbia, 1962)
• The Gun Hawk (Allied Artists, 1963)
• They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Madmen of Mandoras, 1963)
• The Human Duplicators (Woolner, 1965)
• Cyborg 2087 (1966)
• Dimension 5 (1966)
• Flaming Frontier (1968)
• The Mighty Gorga (American General, 1969)
• Equinox (1970)
• George Lucas: Maker of Films (1971)
• Octaman (Filmers Guild, 1971)
• Lost Horizon (Columbia, 1973)
• Sleeper (MGM, 1973)
• Mrs. Sundance (20th Century Fox, 1974)
• Flesh Gordon (1974)
• Help Me… I’m Possessed (1976)
• The Choirboys (Lorimar, 1977)
• The White Buffalo (1977)
• The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang (NBC-TV, 1979)
• Raise the Titanic (1980)
• The Return (1980)
• Don’t Go Near the Park (1981)
• The Legend of the Lone Ranger (Universal, 1981)
• The Sword and the Sorcerer (Sorcerer Productions, 1982)
• Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (Universal, 1983)
• Thrashin’ (1986)
• The Phantom Empire (1986)
• Demonwarp (1988)
• The Nest (1988)
• The Wizard of Speed and Time (1989)
• Fortress of Amerikkka (1989)
• Lobster Man from Mars (1989)
• Shadowzone (1990)
• Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Paramount, 1991)
• The Roller Blade Seven (1991)
• Army of Darkness (1993)
• Screamers (1995)
• The Wasp Woman (TV, 1995)
• Precious Find (1996)
• Guns of El Chupacabra (1997)
• The End of Violence (Ciby, 1997)
• The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001)
• The Scorpion King (Universal, 2002)
• Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2003)
• Cabin Fever (2003)
• Vampire Blvd. (2004)
• D-War (2007)

TV shows filmed in Bronson Canyon

(These are films I was able to find. There are probably others.)

• Batman
• Gunsmoke
• The Lone Ranger
• Rawhide
• Bonanza
• Little House on the Prairie
• Have Gun, Will Travel
• Bat Masterson
• The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
• Star Trek: The Original Series
• Star Trek: The Next Generation
• Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
• Star Trek: Voyager
• Star Trek: Enterprise
• Wonder Woman
• The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
• Salute Your Shorts (The Cursed Skull)
• Combat!
• Beauty and the Geek
• V (TV series)
• The Outer Limits (1960s)


Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

This photo is geo-tagged.


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