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Find song: “hope for a new tomorrow” from Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave) episode 9 “Bite to Eat”

Question by aerekast: Find song: “hope for a new tomorrow” from Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave) episode 9 “Bite to Eat”
Please help me find this song. I’ve been searching for two years.

*** Where I heard it:
Rave Master (“Groove Adventure Rave”) is an anime. The song was heard on the English-voiced version of episode 9 (“Bite to Eat”) aired on Cartoon Network. It plays as background music when one of the characters (Elie) is running barefoot across the desert to fetch medicine for her pet/companion.

*** Lyrics:
I have only vague notes on the lyrics.

Possibility #1:

I found these by searching on Google. There was only a single forum post about them, but the forum site disappeared.

Across the mountains I will run, (?)
Through the desert by the moonlight,
I will race to beat the sun

You are my place of shelter,
You give me more than strength to borrow
Through the rain and through the cold night,
You give me hope for a new tomorrow.”

Possiblity #2:

I found these very recently on Google, but it’s part of someone’s fanfic, so they may be modified…

“If you nee

Best answer:

Answer by aerekast2

—If you need a place of shelter,
if you need some strength to borrow,
through the rain and through the cold night,
you bring me hope for a new tommorow.

If the wave gets hard, if I stumble, if I fall,
Know that I will be your hero (and I will beat them all?).
All through our journeys we come to understand
you make me better then I am. ( ooooohhhhh )

You are my place of shelter,
you give me more then strength to borrow,
through the rain and through the cold night,
you bring me hope for a new tommorow.”

*** Where it CAN’T be found:
- Japanese version of the episode with English subtitles (the scene has no music)
- “Rave Master Music Side” soundtrack CD (you’d think they’d put it on there…)
- Cartoon Network has not replied back to me for months
- (only has the Japanese version)

*** Requested final form of answer:
- best answers: any means to find the full song
- full answers: any means to definitely find the partial song; e.g.
- “there’s an English-voice torrent…”
- “the song is composed by [insert person]; perhaps if you contact them…?”
- partial answers:
- name of the song, along with composer/artist

Many thanks.

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You awake to find yourself making out with a hedgehog!!!!

You awake to find yourself making out with a hedgehog!!!!

Image by Fenchurch!
I’m playing this game out of curiosity and it’s absolutely horrific, but I continue to rubberneck and get rewarded with gems such as this one.

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