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The X Files: Season 8 Finale | Epic Scene.

READ ALL DESCRIPTION/EXPLANATION: For those of you who do not know about The X Files – This scene is so powerful in it’s tiniest form. Scully… was abducted about 6 years before this very scene and because of that she was left barren, but did not find out until she was diagnosed with cancer 2-3 years later. – Mulder ended up finding her ova while she had cancer, but did not want to tell her about their invalidity while she was sick. But, in season 7 the truth was revealed to her. & she took the ova to another doctor for a second opinion and he told her she could try IVF (in vitro fertilization), she just needed a donor. She asked Mulder to donate his sperm for the procedure. He hesitated his answer at first, with fear it would come between their strong friendship. But, he agreed cause he just wants her to be happy. Unfortunately, the IVF was a failed procedure. Although Mulder is a believer and told her to “Never give up on a miracle.” It is believed by many (us avid viewers) that after those words, the two had slept together. It was never really talked about… or shown on screen. But, all signs pointed in that direction by the time she was pregnant in the season 7 finale. I hope that made more people appreciate the intense power of this little scene. & to add to it’s epicness I added some past and future scenes from the series to help bring MORE meaning to what they are actually talking about to one another. Because, they may not be saying it in SO MANY words, but that
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Buck Rogers In the 25th Century: The Total Epic Series

Buck Rogers In the 25th Century: The Complete Epic Series Cost Comparison
$ 20.33
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Epic Racist Moment on Game Show

A clip from a Tv show referred to as “With out Prejudice?” which was on GSN a couple of years ago. l think this video will assist folks to start an important dialog. ***** UPDATE E-MAIL FROM MICHAEL (Contestant on the show): Amazing man. This is so random but i am so glad you put this up. Folks are talking. The show won awards in the UK and so they made a US version. This was the pilot episode and the most popular. it was such a success that they got a full season from it. it is an hour long show and we had been all randomly chosen. The judges and the contestants. So they wanted to see if the judges could “judge” with out prejudice. They would go on to award the winner 25K. I was the winner. Myself and the other finalist were the only 2 contestants that got to actually meet the judges and when i met them, the polynesian guy had a change of heart and really voted FOR me. The edits don’t show that he came from his seat and hugged me. It was a quite fascinating expertise. We had no notion what the judges had been saying or doing or who they even had been, for that matter. so i had no idea that he was racist when i went out and met the judges. It ended nicely though. I talked to that guy over a meal and he said that he had a change of heart.
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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – The Complete Epic Series

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – The Complete Epic Series

Movie DVDWith its campy combination of lightweight adventure and Spandex disco chic, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is a nostalgic throwback to post-Star Wars opportunism. Series co-creator Glen A. Larson was incapable of originality, and former soa

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Price: $ 16.95

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