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Mask of Zorro – Diego’s Goodbye – Mask of Zorro(Finale)

This would be my field show…might as well let it all out: DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO PLAY THIS?! IT GOES WAAAAAAY TOO FAST! IT GOES WAAAY OUT OF MY RANGE(and I’m only THIRD trumpet)! And–And–AND I JUST GOT OUT OF JUNIOR HIGH! Can you believe that I’m supposed to MEMORIZE this?! Anyway, the pieces are: Mask of Zorro, Diego’s Goodbye, and Mask of Zorro-Finale. Oh yes, one more thing: Mitch(a trumpet guiness my age that I’ve been in band with since 4th grade) was able to play it perfectly as soon as he got it(He’s better than the section leader XD!). —– That was my first impression, now I have memorized the first and second song but the third one…I can’t seem to get past the fuge(fug fiuge, however you spell it) TTT.TTT . Maybe I’m just not as talented as you all, but can you try to be a little nicer?

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