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The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour – That Means I Love You

Scene from “Lucy Takes a Cruse to Havana”. Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper wants to know how Lucy and Ricky met. In a flashback, young Lucy McGillicuddy and her friend Susie MacNamara (Ann Sothern) cruise to Havana, where they meet tour guides Ricky Ricardo and Carlos Garcia (Cesar Romero), honeymooners Fred and Ethel Mertz, and crooner Rudy Vallee. Bleh, I uploaded this video for nothing. It was still fun, though! :)
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The Lucy & Desi Collection (Too Many Girls / The Long Long Trailer / Forever, Darling)

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Lucille Ball on Divorce from Desi Arnaz, Beginnings of I Enjoy Lucy

Lucille Ball Discusses Divorce from Desi Arnaz and Beginnings of I Enjoy Lucy

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Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and Marjorie Main in The Long, Lengthy Trailer (1953)

Clinton Twiss’ The Long, Long Trailer Book

The Long, Long Trailer is based on the 1951 travelogue book of the same name by Clinton Twiss. In the late 1940s, Clinton and Merle Twiss sold most of their possessions and hit the road for a year, traveling the United States and Canada with their long, lengthy trailer in tow.

Vincente Minnelli Directs The Long, Lengthy Trailer

Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich wrote the screenplay for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures. Vincente Minnelli (Meet Me in St. Louis, An American in Paris) directed. Adolph Deutsch designed the original music score, with the carefree “Breezin’ Along With the Breeze” serving as the movie’s title song.

Lucille Ball (Tacy Bolton Collini) and Desi Arnaz (Nicholas “Nicky” Collini) head the cast. Other players contain Marjorie Primary (Mrs. Hittaway), Keenan Wynn (Policeman), Gladys Hurlbut (Mrs. Bolton), Moroni Olsen (Mr. Tewitt), Bert Freed (Foreman), Madge Blake (Aunt Anastacia), Walter Baldwin (Uncle Edgar), Oliver Blake (Mr. Ludlow), Perry Sheehan (Bridesmaid), John Call (Shorty), Karl Lukas (Inspector), Howard McNear (Joe Hittaway) and Charles Herbert (Little Boy).

The Lengthy, Lengthy Trailer Filmed in California

The Lengthy, Long Trailer was filmed in California at Yosemite National Park, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Lone Pine and Palos Verdes Estates.

The movie’s principal prop was a 1953 New Moon trailer created the Redman Trailer Organization of Alma, Michigan. Also used was a 1953 Mercury Monterey convertible and a 1953 Lincoln Capri convertible, each of which housed powerful V8 engines with sufficient trailer-pulling capabilities.

The Long, Lengthy Trailer Movie Synopsis

Civil engineer Nicky Collini and fiancee Tacy Bolton strategy to wed. Tacy insists that their new house be a New Moon trailer, which carries a price tag of over ,000. Regardless of Nicky’s reluctance, the couple acquire their dream house on wheels and depart for the Sierra Nevada Mountains for their honeymoon.

The trailer trip proves to be a series of misadventures. Cooking in the New Moon is practically impossible, and the trek via the steep, winding mountains turns out to be something but pleasurable.

The trailer locations enormous strains on the newlyweds, eventually driving them apart. But enjoy conquers all, with Nicky and Tacy reunited by movie’s end.

The Long, Long Trailer Release, Critiques

The Long, Long Trailer opened in New York City on December 31, 1953.

“A light comedy with a quantity of slapstick gags, this film works thanks to the stars’ chemistry and Ball’s timing,” reports Tv Guide.

Film Analysis: I Really like Lucy on Wheels

By 1953, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had been the hottest thing on tv thanks to I Really like Lucy, TV’s highest-rate show at the time. In order to further capitalize on that recognition, genuine-life husband and wife Desi and Lucy boarded The Long, Lengthy Trailer, a movie sitcom based on wheels.

Desi Arnaz, a gambler with each his money and his tips, thought The Lengthy, Lengthy Trailer would go over properly. MGM executives weren’t so positive, citing the fact that audiences could watch Lucy and Desi for free of charge on television. Desi then created a wager with the studio, betting ,000 that The Lengthy, Lengthy Trailer would gross much more at the box office than Father of the Bride (1950), the then existing champion in the comedy film genre. Desi won the bet.

I Enjoy Lucy fans will treasure this movie, as “Ricky” becomes “Nicky” and “Lucy” becomes “Tacy.” Each tv stars appear very good up on the huge screen, with Marjorie Main and Keenan Wynn lending superb comic support. Add to that some stunning scenery of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and The Long, Lengthy Trailer becomes a charming travelogue/romantic comedy. But where the heck are Fred and Ethyl Mertz?

The Lengthy, Long Trailer DVD, Movie Memorabilia

The Long, Lengthy Trailer is accessible on DVD (Warner, 2006).
Auction results for original movie memorabilia from The Lengthy, Long Trailer, courtesy Heritage Auction Galleries: one sheet poster (6), three sheet poster (2.90), set of eight lobby cards (9).

“You didn’t let me finish. I was going to say ‘turn proper here left,’” Tacy tells a confused Nicky.

Sounds like Tacy has some “splainin’” to do…

Written by William J. Felchner
Specialist Writer

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Part 1 of three. This fun episode of the renowned Television game show “Password” (hosted by the great Allen Ludden) very first aired on network tv on May 7, 1964. It’s a unique “all-star” kind of “Password” episode, with all of the contestants consisting of members of Lucille Ball’s household. Lucy herself is component of the panel, along with her then-husband Gary Morton, plus Lucy’s two young children — 11-year-old Desi Arnaz Jr. and 12-year-old Lucie Arnaz. This “Password” show serves up lots of enjoyable and ’60s-era nostalgia. And the two kids are pretty good “Password” players too. ALL three PARTS: DVD LINK (THIS EPISODE WITH LUCILLE BALL IS INCLUDED IN THIS 4-DISC DVD SET, TOO):

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Barbie Collector 2008 Pink Label – Celebrity Dolls Collection – “I Love Lucy” Starring Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo in “The Christmas Show”

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Lucie & Desi Arnaz Jr.2

My second Lucie & Desi Arnaz Jr video!!! I’ve created it with all my heart,and I enjoy them a lot! -Sorry about any miss speling!- Lucie & Desi Arnaz Jr.(1):
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Desi Arnaz Jr. portrays his father in “The Mambo Kings”

Unbeknownst to the cast at the time, the “I Really like Lucy” clips for this movie were really filmed at the old Desilu Studios. Desi Jr. told them.
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Learn About 25 Famous People From Cuba; Desi Arnaz, Antonia Rey, Orlando Gregorio Pe

Learn About 25 Famous People From Cuba; Desi Arnaz, Antonia Rey, Orlando Gregorio Pe

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Desi Arnaz remembers Lucille Ball

Important: Thank you for making this my most viewed and with most comments video!!! the only thing i can say is:i t is so beatifull and it allways tuch my heart. Hope you enjoy!Comment! Amanda

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