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The One Laptop or computer Classroom

The following inquiry was posed and the responses are below:

“I’m going to present a workshop in August to teachers in my district on what to do if you have only 1 computer in the classroom.  Any suggestions or resources you may have?”

Davidson software purchased out Roger Wagner a although back, he published a very good book on the “One Laptop or computer Classroom”.  Do a internet search for info.

One excellent strategy is to have youngsters work on off line assignments in a modest

group that needs them to write, draw, study or design one thing, then have them use the appropriate software program/hardware tolls on the laptop or computer to create the final draft of the project.  Assign different roles, so each and every member of the group completes a component of the project and has a opportunity to use the machine for the good of the group.

One concern that teachers frequently have is how will they keep track of

which students have employed the pc and which haven’t in a certain week or for a specific project.  To aid you can show them how – use two soup cans, one labeled “I have utilized the pc” and the other “I haven’t employed the computer” they then make 1 popcycle sticks for each and every student.  When every student has employed the laptop or computer, the stick gets moved to the “have utilized” can.  The identical method can be applied with poster board and clothes ins.

One more beneficial tip is to teach teachers how to use students as watchers,

doers, and teachers.  For example, the teacher 1st teaches 3 students how to do the activity on the laptop or computer.  1 student becomes the teacher

(possibly the strongest student), one is the doer and one is the watcher.

Then as 1 student finishes on the laptop or computer, he/she becomes the teacher,

the watcher becomes the doer, and a new student rotates in as the watcher. This frees up the teacher’s time to implement and monitor other activities in the classroom.

Tom Snyder productions presents a workshop like this and they give out a book that has excellent activities.  It is referred to as the One Laptop or computer Classroom.  You may possibly be able to get it from them and use in your workshop.

Go to the following site at Furman University:

Choose Resources and The One Laptop or computer Classroom. This is a wonderful listing.

I could say a lot but I’ll just mention “Tom Snyder” at

Particular attention to their Decisions, Decisions series and the Fantastic

Solar Method Rescue and Excellent Ocean Rescue sort of packages they sell.

The one pc classroom makes a great learning center. I have accomplished some of the following.

Prepare PowerPoint presentations that demonstrate a skill set that you want your students to find out. Use it to model the function completed in class. It becomes a record that students can refer back to if they want far more review. For examples of this refer to Jerry Suave’s function on our technology grant the past year. He did some exceptional examples while studying to use PowerPoint to teach multiplication and division.

Here’s also another unit program about weather,

Present Events, decide on a student or group of students to read, print and

share a current event with the class. You can select the newspaper. Most of them are online. is a wonderful resource. Not only do you have several enjoyable practice exercises in each subject region, but the activities are evaluated for age proper capacity levels. also offers a test maker for the teacher. In the one laptop or computer classroom, you can have students total this test one at a time, when you get to the laptop or computer lab or students can log in at house. Funbrain scores the tests for you. I think this is a great way for you to also conduct surveys with your students.

Teach your students about databases and spreadsheets. The class can function

together to investigation statistical information and then input the facts into a

database. Now show students the benefit of organizing details this way. Over time collect information from numerous analysis projects and use the outcomes to make understanding centers that will call for the students to use the databases or spreadsheets. I like to produce laminated question cards that can be pulled from a box. These cards are numbered and I have punch-holed answer keys in my desk for fast checking.

A co-worker and myself presented a workshop at the Kid’s Who Know and Do

Conference this year on the one computer classroom (and we have every single taught in that format prior to). The internet internet site we produced is still up.  The URL is  Feel free to look it over and if I can be of any assist explaining our approach, I’ll be glad to do that.  I also have a presentation on the SCAN’s Report which is a good intro into the why!

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