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Night Gallery – Class of ’99 Part 1 of 2

A futuristic university exam, presided over by professor Vincent Price.
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Babylon 5: Victory Class Battle

Victory Class EAS Excaliber and EAS Victory in combat. A Drakh fleet is sent to Earth to destroy it. President Sheridan and the Interstellar Alliance makes a desperate stand against the Drakh Planet Killer. Video Clips from Babylon five: A Call to Arms Music by Jeremy Soule
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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VIZIO E190VA 19 Inch Class Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV

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appTune by SLUKA “San Diego Zoo” with images and music

i-mobilize, inc.~~Check out the hi-def single off of SLUKA’s latest album Solo Flight, along with cool images in sync to the music, on a new hot format called an appTune developed by i-Mobilize.SLUKA is described as Syncopated Gothic Groove Rock.Experimental Pop, melodic songs with twisted lyrics that move into new territory with arrangements that replace hi-hat with guitar samples and cymbal crashes with primordial screams! SLUKA challenges his audience to accept new boundaries for the pop musical spectrum. Forgoing slick production techniques as evidenced on previous albums, this time SLUKA utilizes only an electric guitar, drum machine, and his distinctive ethereal voice. Christopher Sluka – singer, songwriter, musician, and performer – has now recorded eight studio albums with over 100 original songs which have been released throughout the world. After several years performing on the New York club scene, his first big break came in 1988 when he was approached by some Japanese record executives after a concert. They were impressed by the syncopated gothic groove rock sound of the band, the melodic explorations of his voice, and the almost psychedelic adventures underlying the distinctive and emotive songwriting. They invited him to record one of his songs in Los Angeles to be released as a CD single in Japan. The song, “Sunday’s Child,” did so well that an album deal was inevitable. SLUKA was signed to Meldac, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, for two albums. Coinciding with the record releases were sold-out concert performances, numerous television appearances, radio interviews, and excellent press, reviews and international acclaim. He gained immeasurable experience from his love of “live” performance to which he credits the strength of his powerful yet sensitive voice and his inspired songwriting. Of course, Christopher hasn’t achieved this success all by himself. He was fortunate to work with some of the most gifted and talented Musicians in the business.”Solo Flight” contains 16 new recordings. As the title suggests, this album is a solo effort. An additional challenge was to write and record songs that would utilize only an electric guitar, a drum machine, and a single lead vocal expressing the melodies with visceral biting lyrics. All the tracks were recorded “live” in the studio (as a listener would hear them “live” in concert), without the use of studio effects, edits, or overdubs.Be sure to visit

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VIZIO E320VA 32-Inch Class LCD HDTV, Black

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my apple tv

Image by gecco!
ecco la mia apple television con tanto di telecomando e spazio a uffa…

CoolStreaming! CoolStreaming supports Iphone 4, Iphone 3GS and Ipod Touch 3rd gen devices!Over 100.000 downloads for CoolStreaming, 100,000 individuals addicted to CoolStreaming can’t be wrong!For Support or Faq please pay a visit to the biggest net tv platform on-line considering that 2005 presents CoolStreaming? for Iphone.App Functions:&gt Rapidly channel update interface with our API. Our team update and insert new channels each day!&gt Quickly Buffering&gt Watch hundreds of channels in live streaming&gt Favorite channels list&gt Search and Browse by Country,Category and new added&gt Exclusive ChannelsTV channels categories:&gt Arts and Animation&gt Documentaries&gt Educational Television&gt Games Television&gt Generic Television&gt Government Tv&gt HD Tv&gt Military Television&gt Movies Tv&gt Music Tv&gt News Tv&gt Webcam&gt Reality Tv&gt Religious Television&gt Science Tv&gt Shopping Tv&gt Sports Tv&gt Weather Television&gt Internet Radio***Note: CoolStreaming? do not host any channels, but only channels server offered on web.***In accordance with Apple’s HTTP live streaming policy we limited streaming duration over cellular data network to five minutes.*** Follow on Twitter

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Vizio 19″ Class 720p 60Hz LED LCD HDTV (M190VA)

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Image by grrrrr123
By the time most Americans are 18 years old, they have spent far more time in front of the tv set than they have spent in school, and far more than they have spent talking with their teachers, their pals or even their parents.

John Bishop FC HD LITE

2entertain Video Limited~~Follow Britain’s hottest stand up comedian and star of Live at the Apollo and A League of Their Own with his hilarious and uncompromising personal take on the 2010 World Cup delivering every day video content, created specifically for the iPad, all through the tournament.As we are in the midst of the greatest sporting event in the world the football professionals are spouting their opinions on every single aspect of England’s attempt to reclaim the trophy we have not won considering that 1966. But what of the accurate supporter? Where would you go to hear what the real individuals who really like this national game of ours feel? Who can give informed analysis mixed with passion, humour and award winning animation?One place the John Bishop FC World Cup App.Bored with the identical old pundits? Then this is the App for you. John Bishop will tell you what you actually want to hear about the matches, the teams, the fans…and maybe, if he can bring himself to do it, even the WAGS.Download this lite version of the App for totally free and get a sneak peak with 2 totally free videos with news from the World Cup in South Africa delivered in Bish’s exclusive style. Get the full app and after each and every match day, starting on the 12th June, Bish will give his exclusive commentary on the day’s events downloaded direct to your iPad. Even if you join late, you’ll receive all the previous hilarious animations as soon as you get the App.This App also consists of a unique sound board featuring Bish shouting the comments you need to hurl at the tv – which will come in very handy when England play Germany or Argentina! Just sit back, relax, watch the game – and when the time is proper press the appropriate comment and let your phone and Bish do the function!

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