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chorus SOUNDS like: “the city scene, it’s a god damn lost space”?

Question by ads: chorus SOUNDS like: “the city scene, it’s a god damn lost space”?
……or some thing like that. or perhaps “it’s a god-damned disgrace”…. The part prior to that goes actually quickly and I think is some thing about “becoming lost — lost along the way.” It’s a really uptempo and rapidly song and the chorus is nearly in a chant. It’s a rock/option song, I’m fairly positive. I’d like to know the song name and artist. I heard a live version on the radio where the audience sang the chorus. Can everyone support?

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Answer by midsummers_night_storm
this ain’t a scene, it’s a god damn arms race…lol i usually think i hear “it’s sin city” instead

edi: would support if i name the band. fall out boy

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Playmate Bunny chorus on “Pink Lady & Jeff”

Ex Playboy Bunnies – The encore to the “My Kind of Town” number from weird variety show “Pink Lady & Jeff” from 1980. At least Hugh Hefner isn’t singing now (the three viewers must have all phoned in to complain). If your ears can stand it, here’s the link to Hugh Hefner pursuing his Frank Sinatra fantasy: The Playmates waving the umbrellas (note, with dismay, that they weren’t armed with them during Hefner’s ‘performance’) are Karen Morton, Jeana Tomasino, Sondra Theodore, Rosanne Katon, and Janis Schmitt (who was actually a Bunny in the St Louis Playboy Club).
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