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Tv Shows We Utilised To Watch – 1970s – Wrestling

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Turn back the clock to the 1970’s when Saturday afternoon meant 1 factor and that was Wrestling.

Wrestling – a mainstay of the World of Sport schedule from 1955 until it ended. Several of the wrestlers featured became household names in the UK and the greatest rivalry was among Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks

Tag team action was from the man in the massive black pants (and hair to match) Mick McManus and Steve Logan versus Kendo and Gorgeous George and the late Pat Roach who went onto star in 4 series of TV’s Auf Weidersehen Pet and Leon Arris (the great late actor Brian Glover) plus Jackie Pallo the pony tailed hero the girls loved to hate.

Kent Walton, the former wrestling commentator on Globe of Sport who died aged 86, was instantly recognisable from his husky welcome at 4 o’clock each and every Saturday afternoon: &quotGreetings, grapple fans.&quot

A smoker who cultivated a mid-Atlantic drawl, Walton hosted the wrestling for all of the 33 years that it appeared, sandwiched among the half-time and full-time football scores at the end of the allotted time, he would sign off: &quotHave a very good week. . .till subsequent week.&quot When the ITV schedulers finally dropped the sport in 1988, he announced that his lips had been dented by so considerably time at the microphone.

Walton’s understated, factual commentary described wrestlers from George Kidd (his favourite), Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus to the much less athletic Huge Daddy (&quotEa-sy, ea-sy&quot) and Giant Haystacks. Walton hotly refuted allegations that the bouts were fixed, and would put into practice on saloon-bar doubters some of the wrestling moves he had learned. In its televised heyday, wrestling attracted as many as 12 million viewers. They included the Queen, whose interest in the sport was mentioned in Richard Crossman’s diaries and Margaret Thatcher, who asked Massive Daddy for six signed photographs, and found him helpful for conversation in Africa, where he was a household name. The Duke of Edinburgh was stated to be captivated by Johnny Kwango’s head-butting method, and Frank Sinatra told Giant Haystacks that British wrestlers had been the greatest entertainers in the world.

Large Daddy

Shirley Crabtree, Jr, greater recognized as Massive Daddy (14 November 1930 – two December 1997) was a British professional wrestler popular for his record-breaking 64 inch chest. Identified for wearing his numerous Big Daddy leotards, Crabtree’s original one was emblazoned with just a big &quotD&quot and was fashioned by his wife Eunice from their chintz sofa.

Shirley Crabtree’s brother Brian was a wrestling referee and his nephew Eorl Crabtree is an England international rugby league footballer.

Crabtree died of a stroke in December 1997 in Halifax General Hospital. He was survived by his second wife of 31 years, Eunice and six young children.

Giant Haystacks

Martin Ruane (October 10, 1946 – November 29, 1998) was an English skilled wrestler of Irish descent. Finest identified by his ring name, Giant Haystacks, he wrestled in such locations as England, the United States, Canada, India, and Zimbabwe. Ruane was identified for his massive physical size, standing 6 ft 11 in (two.11 m) tall and weighing 48 stone (670 lb 300 kg) at his heaviest.

Martin Ruane was born in London, England to parents originally from County Mayo in Ireland. When he was three, in 1949, Ruane and his family members moved north from London to Salford, which remained his residence. He worked as a labourer and as a nightclub bouncer before a friend suggested he take up skilled wrestling as a career. He died of cancer on Sunday, November 29, 1998 at the age of 52.

Kendo Nagasaki

Kendo Nagasaki is a expert wrestling stage name, used as a gimmick of that of a Japanese Samurai warrior with a mysterious past and even supernatural powers of hypnosis. The name derives from the modern martial art of Japanese fencing (Kendo), and Nagasaki is the name of a city on the south-western coast of Kyūshū, site of the second use of the atomic bomb.

The original and most nicely known use of the gimmick is by the legendary British wrestler Kendo Nagasaki who produced his name in ITV’s World of Sport. This version of the Nagasaki character dates back to November 1964.[

A true enigma of the British wrestling scene, the man recognized as Kendo Nagasaki was a part of the industry for practically 40 years and, in that time, cultivated a legend that endures to this day. Hidden behind a red mask lined with white stripes to simulate the imposing visage of the headgear worn in a formal kendo match and maintaining a stony silence, Kendo Nagasaki was an intimidating sight to behold both in and out of the ring. This combined with a genuine understanding of the theatrical aspect of skilled wrestling and a particular degree of athleticism produced him an powerful performer and a superb villain.

Mick McManus

Mick McManus (born Michael Matthews on 11 January 1928 in New Cross, London England), is a former English professional wrestler. He is credited as being one of the most famous heel European wrestlers of all time and often went by the nicknames &quotThe Man You Enjoy to Hate&quot, and &quotRugged South London Tough Guy&quot.

McManus very much set the regular for wrestlers such as Mark Rocco and Kendo Nagasaki who chose to bend the rules as far as they could go without being disqualified, significantly to the fury of the crowd. He was also well known for employing short range forearm jabs in matches. He became famous for his trademark black trunks and cropped black hair and for his catchphrase &quotNot the ears, not the ears&quot.

McManus had many appearances on ITV’s World of Sport. Throughout his televised matches, which spanned more than 20 years, McManus would lose only twice in a Championship match: once by disqualification against Peter Preston, and then once more in his final years when he lost his title to youngster Mal Sanders (at which time McManus was well over 50-years-old).

One infamous televised match he lost was to the controversial parody wrestler &quotCatweazle&quot (Gary Cooper), due to two submissions caused by the latter tickling him whilst pinned. Such was McManus’s fury at the manner he lost that he refused to wrestle Cooper once again, but agreed to relent for his final televised bout.

Les Kellet

Yorkshireman Les Kellet was born in Bradford in 1915. After completing an engineering apprenticeship and travelling the globe as a merchant seaman Les returned to Bradford following the Second Globe war and established himself as 1 of the most successful and common British wrestlers of all time. His wrestling trainer, Len Pickard, and promoter George de Relwyskow Snr., are the two males credited with cajoling the reluctant Kellet to follow a expert career

&quotBomber&quot Pat Roach

Pat Roach was born in Birmingham in 1937 and by the age of 22 had gained a black belt in Judo. From this impressive achievement the 6’5 tall near 20 stone giant went into the rings of Fantastic Britain becoming an instant hit due to his size and skill. Even although Pat was 1 of the largest athletes in the ring he was able to match holds with some of the smaller and much more technical males of the era, this combined with his immense size produced him a devastating opponent for any person.

Mike Marino

Mike Marino was one of the most beloved Skilled Wrestlers to ever to put on a pair of wrestling boots, he was loved in equal measure by both the fans and the wrestlers alike.

Do you have memories of wrestling nights at the Colston Hall that you’d like to share?

See Globe Of Sport – Large Daddy V Giant Haystacks ( 1981 )


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