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Brett Maverick

NBC (60 min.) Premiered: December 1, 1981 Last Aired: May 4, 1982 Show Category: Drama Returning to the role that made him famous, James Garner is once again Bret Maverick. Long time Wild West gambler Maverick decides to settle down in the town of Sweetwater in the Arizona Territory at the Lazy Ace Ranch after winning the Red Ox Saloon in a poker game. Maverick’s adventures don’t end just because he has decided to put down roots. He must learn to co-exist with the townsfolk as the once Wild West is tamed by the arrival of civilization. Cancelled after one year, NBC took the unusual step of rerunning episodes twice – once in the late 80s to help fill time while a writer’s strike delayed new programming for the season, and again in 1994 to play off of publicity of the Mel Gibson theatrical “Maverick” movie remake.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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