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Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips Blue Chips No Salt — 9 oz

Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips Blue Chips No Salt — 9 oz Price Comparison
Free Shipping Offer! Made with Organic Blue Corn. This is the concept that has become such a popular snack. The Original Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Yes, they’re actually blue in color because many years ago our founder Al Jacobson bought an entire crop…

$ 2.67
+ $ 4.99 shipping
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Diff’rent Strokes 20- Skin Deep or True Blue Part 1

Diff’rent Strokes 20

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Am I Blue?

Am I Blue?

271739~~~~Am I Blue?~~~~USA371188714~~

Cost: $ .99
Sold by Apple iTunes

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Blue Fin Tuna Guy on Chef Abroad TV show

Blue Fin Tuna Guy on Chef Abroad TV show

Image by Dickson@flickr
We saw this man on TV show "Chef Abroad – 1001 Blue Fin Tuna, Canada to Japan" before. We were so excited when we saw him there.

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Infamous Dragnet “Blue Boy” LSD scene

The hysterical and stereotypical classic scene about a youth tripping on acid from the late 60s TV version of the show “Dragnet” (1967-1970)…which was revived to address the growing popularity of drugs such as marijuana and LSD among youth. Although well-intentioned, the result was often overexaggerated, naive and one-sided…showing unrealistic effects of these drugs. It has since become a camp classic sometimes compared with the likings of “Reefer Madness” because of its self-righteousness and unintentionally funny situations involving drug use.

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Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash – Blue Yodel No. 9

I would have never guessed, but Louis Armstrong was a guest on the Johnny Cash Show. This and the story about Satchmo and Jimmie Rogers show how diverse musical tastes these men had and once again that music is a great connector. This is from episode 38, Oct., 28, 1970 and must be one of Satchmo’s last performances. He was such a great performer right to the end and the Nashville audience and Johnny just loved him. Louis Armstrong cracks everybody up at the start of the song: Let’s give it to ‘em in black and white. THIS AND OTHER GREAT PERFORMANCES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON A 2-DVD-SET “BEST OF THE JOHNNY CASH TV SHOW”. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!!!

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