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The Waltons “I’ll fly away”

By request: Jason Walton (Jon Walmsley) and Vanessa Linda Purl sing “I’ll Fly away” in Season 5.

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Movies That Will Make You Laugh Those Holiday Blues Away!

Yes, the holidays are here once more!  The time is right for feeling blue and overwhelmed once again, but quit now and let’s all take a deep breathe. Ok, excellent!  Now let’s get back into the holiday spirit by watching movies that make us laugh.  I mean ”really” laugh, you know those forgotten “belly laughs” from long ago when all our lives were simpler, happier, YOUNGER!!!  Sorry, had to let that out (turned 41 and having my own mid-life crisis!). The finest part now that we are older is we do not even have to leave the home to rent the movies, check out, or If you have cable check out the movies now playing on pay-per-view and you can access them with a straightforward click on your remote control!

Here are some of my suggestions, and of course some of these suggestions also came suggested by my family members and pals, of movies that will make you laugh those holiday blues away.  Let’s get those really feel good endorphins flowing through our stressed out bodies once more!  I’m in are you?  I assumed you stated “yes”, (uh-oh assumed is a dangerous word… but I’ll take that chance!)  So with the belief that the old saying “laughter is the greatest medicine” is accurate, lets look at the following list of movies, pick 1, and let the healing and laughter start!

1. “Elf”, starring Will Ferrell, and something else starring Will Ferrell is a “certain fire” belly laugher!

2. “Wedding Crashers”, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

three. “Back to School”, starring Rodney Dangerfield

4. “Simple Funds”, starring Rodney Dangerfield

5. “Liar, Liar”, starring Jim Carrey

6. “Vacation” and all its spins offs, starring Chevy Chase

7. “Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery”, and of course all the spin off or sequels as they say in the “biz” , starring (don’t tell me you don’t know  the mastermind who produced this character?), Mike Meyers of course!

8. “Shrek”, (I personally only thought that the the original and second spin off were hilarious, but other people have disagreed and stated they had been all laugh worthy!) of course starring the voice talents of Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas.

9. “Soul Plane”, starring Tom Arnold and Snoop Dogg

10. “Meet the Parents”, and its sequel, starring Ben Stiller

Make sure you check the rating on these movies just before you sit down to watch them with children around.

If you don’t get a chance to watch all the movies you wanted to ahead of the holidays, it may possibly be a very good notion to put on a movie following dinner and before dessert, so you can have some “down” time as the host.

Final but not least, make positive you appreciate the holidays, do not anxiety about the things you wanted to do but didn’t, sit back and get pleasure from all the points you have completed to make the holidays special for everyone.  Get pleasure from!!!

P.S.  If you enjoyed reading this article, and want to add to this list of movies, or are interested in writing your own article, you can simply join my community of pals at: , hope to see you there soon so we can comment and rate some excellent articles together!

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Dirty Dragon’s Gigglesnort Hotel Vol 7 (Is Winning Everything & Littering Your Life Away)

Dirty Dragon’s Gigglesnort Hotel Vol 7 (Is Winning Everything & Littering Your Life Away)

Two stories, “Littering Your Life Away” and “Is Winning Everything?” teach children valuable lessons about life.


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Hollywood Squares – Jokes Running Away & Gilbert’s 4 Questions In A Row

You’ve probably seen the infamous “YOU FOOL!” clip from Hollywood Squares, where it takes about 8 or so questions for a contestant to win Gilbert’s square and the first round at the very end of the game. This clip is almost as bad, with Gilbert needing to be called on FOUR times before a contestant finally gets his square and a 5-block win. By the end of the clip, Whoopi and Bruce Vilanch are losing it. No copyright infringement is intended. This clip is up simply to preserve a classic moment of the revival of Hollywood Squares. I don’t own anything related to the show or its production companies. If this clip violates any copyrights, please let me know and it will be removed immediately.
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Throw Away Your Television

Throw Away Your Television

Image by Roo Reynolds
An abandoned television found on Tresco (Scilly Isles)

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