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Buddy Ebsen Autographs

Buddy Ebsen Autographs

The varied style of Buddy Ebsen autographs is correlated with specific stages of his remarkable life and sensational career.  During his long and impressive career, Buddy Ebsen was one of the most versatile actors of stage, screen, and television.  As a television star, he is best remembered as the patriarch Jed Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies, and as detective Barnaby Jones.  His diverse acting roles is matched by his diverse variety of autographs. 

Ebsen’s birthname was Christian Ebsen Junior.  Ebsen maintained the nickname  Buddy for his entire life.  On checks from the 1930s, Buddy customarily signed his name as CL (Buddy) Ebsen Jr.  During the month he worked as the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz, Buddy signed his name on checks this way.  Buddy was replaced by actor Jack Haley as the Tinman after silver dust makeup applied to his face caused him to become severely ill. 

However, from as recent as the 1980s, Buddy’s signature on checks changed over time. Buddy used the name Christian Ebsen to sign checks, perhaps to disguise his celebrity status.  Even the clerk at Nordstrom’s department store required personal identification when he signed a check with his publicly unfamilier name of Christian Ebsen.  Buddy Ebsen used several forms of his name to autograph checks.

Buddy was a remarkable man.  His many talents were exemplified by roles with Shirley Temple in Captain January (1936), The Twilight Zone, and other movie and television shows, in a career that spanned more than fifty years.  Despite being a major Hollywood star, Buddy maintained a sense of humor and humanity.  His keen sense of humor is exemplified by his check to his manager for a lost wager in the amount of .00; Buddy signed and labeled his check as a “tragic loss.”

Collectors have obtained Buddy Ebsen autographs from photographs, Hollywood contracts, and other legal documents.  Letters bearing Ebsen’s signature are rare on the autograph marketplace.  As long as television and movie classics such as <i>The Beverly Hillbillies</i> and <i>The Wizard of Oz</i> are appreciated, collectors will treasure Buddy Ebsen autographs.

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