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The Actual McCoys – Song 5

The Genuine McCoys playing at Beaner’s Central in Duluth, MN. 01/29/10 The Genuine McCoys: Beaner’s Central:

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Actual McCoys- McCoys go to Hollywood (pt 1)

Very first Broadcast January 8, 1958 When Kate spots an old friend turned actress from residence is starring in a Hollywood Tv show, the McCoys drive up to Hollywood for a pay a visit to at the studio.
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When was Helen Wagner’s last actual look on “As The Globe Turns” as “Nancy”?

Question by moontan: When was Helen Wagner’s last actual look on “As The World Turns” as “Nancy”?
Helen Wagner currently holds the record for the longest role in a soap opera. She has been on “As The World Turns” given that its beginning in April 1956. Her record may well be 50 years, but i am not sure when her genuine latest look was. Archive footage (scenes of the past) does not count. When was her last appearance so far as “Nancy”?

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Answer by thatgirl
Episode #1.13346 (2008)

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