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All My Kids 8-26-11 Component 1

Greenlee wasn’t even on nowadays you guys, no way in hell did I pay a lick of attention. So cliff notes version: Zach is still becoming a total and utter douche bag to Griffin threatening him if he tells the FDA about the Orpheus Projects’ shotty dealings. Angie’s getting checked out by David and is told her surgery is being moved up. Cara’s still sticking up for David but asks him what the hell he’s been doing to these folks. Erica’s reminiscing about her past and Jack desires her to stop letting David get to her. Opal’s telling Erica to just remain in love with Jack and not get caught up with what David said. Brot proposes to Natalia. Tad is helping Maya discover her baby. Jesse tells Tad that Lucy is really Maya’s baby.
Video Rating: five / five

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