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November 13, 1984 CBS commercials

Here are commercials culled from the Donald Duck 50th birthday special from November 1984. In this you’ll watch: 1. Mervyn’s 2. Cousins furniture 3. KPIX Nightcast spot 4. CBS Special intro 5. Coca-Cola with Bill Cosby 6. Hershey’s chocolate bars 7. Colgate toothpaste 8. Kraft cheese 9. CBS “We’ve Got the Touch” promo 10. M&M’s 11. Lego’s 12. Spot for Donald’s birthday show 13. CBS promos for Magnum PI, Simon & Simon, and Knot’s Landing 14. This is CBS 15. McDonald’s breakfast (Sausage McMuffin) 16. Another KPIX Nightcast spot 17. Mr. T cereal (hilarious!) 18. Orville Redenbacher popcorn 19. Another McDonald’s spot (for Happy Meals) 20. Kit-Kat candy bars 21. Milk “Does a Body Good” 22. Energizer batteries 23. CBS Evening News with Dan Rather Hope you enjoy them all!

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Sports Illustrated – April 9, 1984 Concern: Georgetown, Chick Hearn, Zola Budd, Andrea Jaeger, and A lot more! (Volume 60 Number 15)

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1984 scenes featuring FORREST COMPTON (Mike Karr), ANN FLOOD (Nancy Karr), SHARON GABET (Raven Whitney), LARKIN MALLOY (Sky Whitney), CHRIS WEATHERHEAD (Alisha Van Dine), PHILIP CASNOFF (Brian Murdock), KARRIE EMERSON (Jody Travis), MICHAEL CONFORTI (Jeremy Rhodes), DENNIS PARKER (Derek Mallory), CHARLES FLOHE (Preacher Emerson), TOM BRENNAN (Judge Trahanny), EARLE HYMAN (Bailiff)
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1984 Los Angeles Comedy Competition With Jay Leno

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Bert Parks Gets Heckled At The 1984 World’s Fair

Bert Parks was the host of the Liggett & Myers Pavilion at the New Orleans World’s Fair in 1984. The American Music Show took out mobile insta-cam there and Bert Parks was so cordial talking to such a tiny public access Tv show as ours. Video by Mister Richardson
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TJ Hooker (1984) – Season three OPENING

TJ Hooker (1984) Season three opening. The weekly adventures of tough-as-nails veteran police officer Sgt. TJ Hooker, who rides the beat with his rookie partner Vince Romano. Stars William Shatner as Sgt. TJ Hooker, Adrian Zmed as Officer Vince Romano, Heather Locklear as Officer Stacy Sheridan, Richard Herd as Capt. Dennis Sheridan, Lee Bryant as Fran Hooker, April Clough as Vicki Taylor, James Darren as Officer Jim Corrigan.

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Tic Tac Dough – 1984 season finale

By request…The last game of the 1983-84 season sees Kit Salisbury do something rather impressive in the Auction category. Kit would go on to win around 9000, making him the second biggest winner of the series.

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