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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1966) – Opening, Intro, Closing, & End Theme Music & Credits

Before the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise, there were the adventures of the Seaview.
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Do not Drink The Water Program Playbill October 31, 1966 (Pre-Broadway Tryout. Vivian Vance. Lou Jacobi, Anthony Roberts, Anita Gillett, Kay Meforde)

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The Time Tunnel Theme 1966 – 1967

Going back in time.
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Green Acres Feb 9 1966 component one

Here it is the full episode of green acres in full originality with original CBS network commercials. Take pleasure in.
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The Genesis of Slade: Rare Recordings from 1964 to 1966

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1966 opening theme to Green Acres tv show

black and white 1966 Green Acres show..opening theme song and video
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A Virtual Reunion with Bozo the Clown

Apparently, we helped an audience member of Bozo the Clown discover a clip of himself online! This is awesome. How great is it that my funny obsession with old television shows could help Steven from Boston find a clip from way back when he was an audience member on the Bozo the Clown show?

Here’s the note he sent us. I hope you get as big a kick out of it as I did:

Bozo the Clown


I don’t who you are or where you got these clips of Bozo the Clown but you rocked my world. I’ll tell you how:

In 1966 at age 7 in first grade. I was on Bozo the Clown in Boston. I always distinctly recalled knowing where I sat. I figured even if it was 1966 out of 52 shows a year the odds were nil that I would be on one of these few shows let alone able to spot myself! So I sat studied each clip knowing where too look. I’d be sitting right next to Bozo’s entrance in the first row at the very end. @#$%^ A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BINGO!!! I SPOTTED MYSELF!!! Are you *&^%$ kidding me?!?!?

You want to talk about outrageous coincidences and extreme randomness??? This is it . You won’t find anything in life this absurd! This is 45 YEARS AGO!! ago, a local little TV show, a couple hundred shows Channel 5 had moved to Needham from Dorchester when it changed hands in 1970 (now WCVB), and has since been sold four times already, and those shows were trashed. This is Lottery number odds finding mysell here!!

The irony is that I used to work at Channel 5 starting in 1977 (who knew, 11 years later) and know a bit of the history of the sale between WHDH and WCVB. Quite a dispute over the license and I know WHDH did not want to sell their old shows to CVB as part of the sale. Most of them all got trashed.

Because I knew where I sat, I knew where to look. BINGO!!!! I found myself!! My mother dressed me in gray suit (and the boy to MY left was a long time childhood friend (who I haven’t seen in 30 years) but know his Mom –she’s best friends with my mother, was stunned too. She saw this and said yes, that’s my son and Steven. Not many dressed their kids in red suits like that. Bombastically stunning!! I am beside myself after week of finding this.

I am in the very first clip/show that appears in the immediately when Bozo makes his big entry on the left side of the screen, in the first row between two boys wearing red suits..

This is absolutely stunning and random.

Where did you get these? Classic!

Thanks for posting it.

Check out more Bozo the Clown greatness on this compilation DVD from

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Green Acres Feb 9 1966 part one

Here it is the full episode of green acres in full originality with original CBS network commercials. Enjoy.
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LBJ Visit Day: Mom & Anthony Parlor TV room 1966 60s * 1301 – 57st

LBJ Visit Day: Mom & Anthony Parlor TV room 1966 60s * 1301 – 57st

Image by Whiskeygonebad
Frances [Mom] and Anthony [me] in 1966 Brooklyn. Mom has a bandage on her leg and hand because she and I were on our corner watching Lyndon B. Johnson’s motorcade pass by. The motorcycles were first and she did not get out of the way in time. One of them threw her aside: the exhaust pipe nicked her leg and the handle bar smashed into her hand. Nobody stopped. I helped Mom off the ground. They started from the low end of 13th ave Boro Park, through part of Bensonhurst and into Bay Ridge. There was a recent article in The Home Reporter about this being 45 years ago since LBJ’s visit. I have pix of Ford – a secret sevice guy yanked me off a pedestrian traffic sign. We have no luck! Note the BIG Zenith B&W television, 50s flooring and wallpaper, the wooden blinds from the 40s. Vintage Interior. In the early 70s we place an ugly drop ceiling up that made the room look small. No, I should say less large. We only still have that mirror in storage. Photo was taken using a Brownie with a flashbulb mixed with sunlight causing those light stripes across Mom’s face. We got a COLOR Magnavox in 1966. Imagine: New Star Trek episodes in color as they came out on Sunday early evening! Barbra Eden looked nice in color too. ;-) Are YOU old enough to remember the TV Repairman visits with his big tube box and testers? Any comments or questions? Almost forgot: In one of the photos in this series I am playing "President of the United States [POTUS] in a little cardboard chair I made. Too cute..what a swell head! PS: I had started to take photos with the same Kodak Brownie camera at this time.

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To Tell the Truth (1966) – Trapeze

Panelists Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean and Kitty Carlisle try to figure out who is the daring young woman on the flying trapeze, Donna Meyers. Originally broadcast Sept. 16,1966.
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