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Theatrical trailer for the 1941 Hopalong Cassidy western, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, starring William Boyd as Cassidy, Andy Clyde and Brad King. Attractive Jennifer Holt, daughter of screen legend Jack Holt and sister of another populaer star, Tim Holt, has the female billed as “Jacqueline Holt.” Between 1935 and 1948 Boyd would star in a total of 66 Hoppy westerns, the last 12 of which he produced himself. After the theatrical market for the Cassidy westerns diminished, he released 52 of the films to television and bacame one of the most iconic figures of the 1950s. Though no new Hopalong Cassidy theatrical features were made, the success of the original films spawned 52 half-hour television programs, a radio series and lucrative merchandising and licensing with perhaps thousands of items bearing the familiar Cassidy image. There was even plans for a big budget Technicolor western with Bing Crosby and Boyd titled PARDNERS, but the film was never made. To buy Hopalong Cassidy westerns, classic movies, serials, other westerns and vintage television shows on DVD — plus original movie posters, golden & silver age comics, celebrity autographs and collectibles, be sure to visit
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