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Syd Barrett and Sid & Marty Krofft – The Bugaloos lost demo

Recently Syd Barrett’s original demo for the Bugaloo’s theme song was discovered in a discarded paintbox. Originally recorded in 1970 and not released until now, here is that rare demo sung by Syd!!

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25 Responses to “Syd Barrett and Sid & Marty Krofft – The Bugaloos lost demo”

  1. MrJRWSloth says:

    Has anyone found Syd’s lost demos for the “Hamburglar at the Gates of Dawn” ad campaign?

  2. bumblebeebattv says:

    This is interesting… thank you!

  3. 3lullabies says:

    @skovie23232 lol,good call, but i think they meant kid shows for adults on acid.

  4. 3lullabies says:

    i wish there was a band that sounded like this. some would say “they are a ripoff” but admit it, every real syd fan loves this track. at times it sounds a little more like roger waters singing style than syds. but the overall structure is all roger barrrett style. his sound was so unique and simple and soothing. i would buy music from whoever this band really is.

  5. skovie23232 says:

    @sneakerino how the fuck can this be fake, I think i hate you

  6. skovie23232 says:

    @TINTcrey children on LSD?

  7. skovie23232 says:

    Is there I can download this?

  8. TINTcrey says:

    Very good! Remember when So many kids shows seemed to be made for children on LSD? Forget Tellitubbies. Bugaloos is trippin’!

  9. sneakerino says:

    fake fake fuckin stupid fake

  10. sneakerino says:


  11. mineheadX1 says:

    drum sounds are post 1970, definitely a fake…doesn’t sound fuck-all like SYD to boot…

  12. IDLERACER says:

    This is funny, but as many other posters have already pointed out, the style of songwriting and vocal delivery are much more in the vein of post-Syd Floyd. For the definitive Syd Barrett send-up, check out “Sunny Side Circus” by Fairfield Parlour, which is also up on YouTube. It actually came out in the middle of 1970, and fooled alot of people at the time.

    Meanwhile, I’ll remain on the lookout for Nick Drake’s legendary elusive alternative theme to “Sabrina And The Groovie Goolies.”

  13. nachtstucke777 says:

    LOL- nice job.

  14. wheatgurm says:

    kinda has that “Obscured By Clouds” sound to it

  15. Lalo021084 says:

    original song!

  16. gemear2 says:

    Thanks for this! Two of my favorite things ever wrapped into one! Very well done. For another Syd Barrett parody, search out “Syd Barrett Visits His Accountant”.. though this is better executed. Another goody is “Pink Floyd – Paying The Piper”. Nasty prisms good sir!

  17. FurryOwlet says:

    It’s not Syd.
    /Discussion over.

  18. cynleidenfrost says:

    Oh how I wish this was for real!

  19. bubbasort says:

    LOL. This is great. Good job on the vocals and the musical arrangement. Very Syd-esque.

  20. zunipus says:

    If this really is Pink Floyd this rendition of the tune most likely was done as a joke. No way would this be intended for the kids show. If this is a total fake of Pink Floyd, very well done! It is very 1970 Pink Floyd in sound. IMHO this IS Floyd, sans Syd.

    So what is the real story about this tune?! Hmm?? Fess up!

  21. zunipus says:

    This sounds like Pink Floyd with David Gilmour on guitar and Roger Waters on vocals. There is no sign of Syd Barrett in this tune, as one would expect in 1970.

  22. waylo4526 says:

    not syd for sure i mean really

  23. elaterium says:

    It’s not Syd folks.

  24. DWYLBTZLE says:

    is this real, or not?
    sounds like him

  25. bluehairspaz says:

    wow im surprised that so few people realised that this is a joke.

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