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Surprise Surprise Surprise

Gomer Pyle Quote
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23 Responses to “Surprise Surprise Surprise”

  1. Palsharpton says:

    so thats where Rtruth got this from

  2. OneEyedGecko says:

    am i the only one who found this line annoying in the song, nobody home?

  3. Green18600 says:

    Jim Nabors maintained clout for his quote “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise” during his run on “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.” Well Done!!

  4. theorangebox999 says:

    @mecon92 Well you certainly have amazing powers of observation.

  5. mecon92 says:

    …there’ll be nobody home.

  6. etbella3 says:

    @GomerDose My bumper sticker for life.

  7. doctorpsycho1960 says:

    I will have to bookmark this clip, so I can post a link to it whenever some egregious example of hypocrisy or totally predictable disaster takes place.

  8. lawnelson says:

    Ooooh, Babe when I pick up the phone…

  9. unsanitized says:


  10. IceCipriani21 says:

    my history teacher used to say that when he gave us a pop quiz

  11. cheyenne229 says:

    lol and stuff

  12. WunderRiot says:

    @badger861 –> What you said!

  13. puradesa says:

    Made my morning. Boy do I miss Gomer. What happened to real entertainment, compared to what passes today for such? I’m not a prude, nor a conservative, and not even religious – but the lurid, disgusting, violent BS on TV nowadays that people watch doesn’t hold a candle to shows like that one.

  14. dstroy says:

    Jim Nabors is way cool.

  15. galexion says:

    i aint watched gomer pyle in a long time. i wish it was on tv more then when they have a marathon or on the aniversary. that would be fun

  16. badger861 says:

    This was used in Pink Floyd’s the wall in Nobody Home. had to find this, on a hunt to find all the television programs that were playing in the background, this is number one :D D

  17. TreesOfBaylor says:


  18. clampfan101 says:

    5 of the funniest seconds in the history of classic lines. :D lol

  19. AaronRouse37 says:


  20. GomerDose says:

    Thank you. This is my battle cry

  21. GomerDose says:

    I learned from an episode of Gomer Pyle to put a little sugar on bacon when its cooking. Dee-lish

  22. IubescBaiatulPerfect says:


  23. slickslickster says:

    The best is when he says all of his catchphrases at once. “Shazam, well gollee, surprise, surprise, surprise!”

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