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Sitcom developed by Jess Oppenheimer (“I Love Lucy”). Angel is like Ricky Ricardo with a French accent. She moves to America, marries an architect, and gets into issues with her new husband, culture, and language in the exact same way Ricky did with Lucy. Episode #26 Aired on CBS February 23, 1961 “The French Lesson” Cast: Annie Fargé, Marshall Thompson (“Daktari”), Doris Singleton (“I Love Lucy”), Don Keefer Special Guest Star: James Garner Executive Producer: Jess Oppenheimer Producer: Edward H. Feldman (“Hogan’s Heroes”) Teleplay by: Bill Davenport (“Ozzie & Harriet”, “Mister Ed”, “All in the Family”) Story by: Robert Fisher (“Make Room for Daddy”, “Bachelor Father”, “Alice”), Alan Lipscott (“Make Room for Daddy”, “Bachelor Father”, “Alice”) and Bill Davenport Directed by: Ezra Stone (“The Munsters”, “Lost in Space”, “Julia”) Music by: Eliot Daniel (“I Love Lucy”) Filmed by: Desilu
Video Rating: five / five

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  1. bixodoido says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Taming the Wild West, September 29, 2003
    bixodoido (Utah, USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Support Your Local Sheriff (DVD)

    James Garner stars as Jason McCullough in this hilarious Western spoof. This was the era of John Wayne westerns, and this movie came about at just about the right time to make fun of the western and what it had become, often scarcely more than a cookie-cutter production with a predictable plot, scowling gunfighters, and the same basic storyline. McCullough is a wandering frontiersman on his way to Australia, and happens upon a small mining town which has sprung up overnight and become too big for its laws. He decides to earn a little extra money before moving on, and takes a job as the sheriff of the town. Consequently he’s forced to deal with the Danby bunch, a rancher family who’s swindling and intimidating the mine owners. Between dealing with the Danbys (headed by the very funny Walter Brennan), trying to keep his prisoners in a jail with no bars, and fighting off the advances of the hapless mayor’s daughter, McCullough has his hands full.

    Garner is great in his role as the opportunistic, but effective, sheriff. Jack Elam co-stars as his deputy, and the antics of this pair are enough to keep anyone entertained throughout the movie. Anyone familiar with Westerns from this era will appreciate the humor of this parody on Hollywood’s Wild West.

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  2. John A. Kuczma "RogueUlfric" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Support Your Local Sherrif, January 3, 2001
    By A Customer
    This review is from: Support Your Local Sheriff (DVD)

    This is one of those old comedies that you can watch over and over again. My family has worn out a VHS copy, so I’m happy that a DVD release is coming up. This movie not only stars James Garner, but several other popular actors from the 60′s & 70′s. Walter Brennan, Harry Morgan, and Jack Elam to name a few. When Jason McColough, played by Garner, rides into town, he finds it right smack in the middle of a gold rush- and right smack in the middle of the problems that too much too soon can bring. There is fighting in the streets, gunmen shooting up the town, not to mention the revelry going on at Madam Orr’s place. Needing work to finiance his gold prospecting Garner accepts the job of sherrif. The Mayor (Morgan) happens to have a pretty but accident prone daughter. Her misadventures while trying to attract the new sherrif’s attention add great comedy to the plot. The sherrif’s work is cut out for him when the Danby’s led by pa Danby (Brennan) try to spring the youngest Danby from jail. He makes the town drunk (Played by Elam) his deputy and from there things just get funnier. When the dust settles everyone is alive and happy. Not the most complicated plot ever written, but light comedy is not supposed to be. Easy and fun to watch.

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  3. Anonymous says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Delightful western comedy. . . ., January 12, 2000
    John A. Kuczma “RogueUlfric” (Marietta, GA USA) –

    It won’t take very long to realize that Support Your Local Sheriff is little more than a feature length Maverick episode (unfortunately minus Jody Foster). Don’t take that as a negative. This is a wonderfully entertaining romp through the silliest mining town you’ll ever encounter.

    James Garner is terrific as the lightning quick gunslinger with even quicker wits. The supporting cast includes Harry Morgan, Walter Brennan, Bruce Dern and Jack Elam. This may be Elam’s finest performance ever.

    There’s plenty of action, plenty of laughter and a dollop of romance thrown in for good measure. Support Your Local Sheriff is great family entertainment; perfect for a rainy day, a lazy day, or just while you’re passing through on your way to Australia.

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  4. tomservo56954 says:

    I swear, this is about the cleverest example of integrating the sponsor with the opening credits….and the self-referential cast commercial (in an unironic cultural era). I’ve seen plenty of cast commercials where they stay in character. But this–and when I rented season 1 of THE LUCY SHOW–is the only time have I ever seen ads that note the specific episode.


  5. mamaniece says:

    J’adore James!

  6. pmiller49 says:

    I remembered, I would stay up all night watching all the old shows like this one and others on TV LAND. I wish TV Land would go back to it’s old format.

  7. MrSunnydisposition says:

    James Garner is among the top actors I can think of. Very talented in many parts he has played. But I confess I do love the Brett Maverick, Rockford Files parts he has played. The good guy with the slightly tainted character.

  8. hiroshitakubo says:

    James Garner steals whole episode!

  9. fromthesidelines says:

    Of course, Paul Frees is the announcer in the Johnson’s ad…

  10. fromthesidelines says:

    General Foods [Post] was the primary sponsor of the series (Johnson’s Wax [Johnson's Shoe Polish] was the “alternate sponsor”)- and as such, the cast often appeared in an “integrated commercial” for their sponsor at the end of the episode, usually tied into the evening’s plot {they pitch “Post-Tens” in this one}. Guest star James Garner had recently walked away from “MAVERICK”…

  11. fishscale83 says:

    jim is such a stud with his pencil tie!

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