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Sublime – Hong Kong Phooey

Sublime’s take on the Hong Kong Phooey theme song from everything under the sun

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25 Responses to “Sublime – Hong Kong Phooey”

  1. schalleepimp101 says:


  2. luckyde1 says:

    hahaha i never heard this before, i love it and i love how it turns to ska midway trough

  3. themateo808ify says:

    @3:12 bradley’s sexy dance

  4. fergaskin says:

    two great things from my youth.. hong kong phooey and sublime <3

  5. klinkdog100 says:

    this video is AWESOME

  6. IndyX says:

    Why would the 90s want Justin Bieber. It already has troubles with the Macarena, Spice Girls and the 50 billion boy bands.

  7. dirtbagstan says:

    @themayanfox haha Good one! They came across this video by accident ;)

  8. themayanfox says:

    @dirtbagstan nah if they were stoned they would have been Sublime fans for sure:) I think they just prefer Hannah Montana.

  9. jbstephenson says:

    This is originally from “Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits.”

  10. dirtbagstan says:

    I was the thousandth person to like this video!!! 18 people who viewed this video don’t know real talent, or they were to stoned to know the difference between like and dislike haha

  11. chocolate0monster1 says:

    @40Rtruss but thats not a fair trade for god ><

    btw… these “sublime” are really SUBLIME!!! *lol*

  12. dirtbagstan says:

    definitely very similar to pawn shop in the break down.

  13. pibbro says:

    @40Rtruss or we could give back rome.

  14. OHIOverdrive says:

    Brads havin soo much funn

  15. behestyle says:


  16. samsonmorrell says:

    i fukn love this shit so much what a groove, what a band, brad nowell, what a loss rest in peace brother

  17. elmosdady1973 says:

    anyone hear Pawn Shop on this one? O’well either way this is the most kick ass band ever!! Rip Bradley and Hong Kong Louie!!

  18. TheMusicluv1 says:

    Check out “Chillin” by Five Wheel Soul

  19. mydoggchico says:

    @40Rtruss southern california white boys!!

  20. dave54303 says:

    no other band like them. and the sick bass

  21. lotsapasta13 says:

    Lovin’ that Pawn Shop bassline. :)

  22. MattyCreed says:

    420,000 views hahah

  23. freshprinceofbalham says:

    Does anyone else hear pawnshop in this

  24. OneFlyAphex says:


  25. MarshmallowMuffinz says:

    @dewi981 So you’re offering yourself up?

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