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Stone Pillow

Stone Pillow

The great Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy, Stage Door, Yours, Mine and Ours) plays Florabelle, an elderly bag lady struggling to survive on the streets of New York City. She carries her most prized possessions in a shopping cart, and has staked out a Manha

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List Price: $ 9.98

Price: $ 5.02

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5 Responses to “Stone Pillow”

  1. kd321 says:

    Review by kd321 for Stone Pillow
    This is such an important movie in Lucille Ball’s career. It’s heartbreaking and humbling. Hearing Florabelle call for her son while pushing her shopping cart in New York City is enough to bring you to tears. I was very moved. If you didn’t already know Lucille Ball was a dramatic actress, you are in for a suprise!

  2. Jack Richey says:

    Review by Jack Richey for Stone Pillow
    This movie was the great Lucille Ball’s second to last performance of a legendary career. This is a somber film in that it shows what it is like for the homeless not only for those who live on the streets of the large citys but the smaller ones as well. Lucy gave a sharp performance as an elderly street person and Danaphe Zunige likewise as the compassionate social work. If not for the fairy tale like ending this would be a perfect film.

  3. Tommywood says:

    Review by Tommywood for Stone Pillow
    I just read that this Film “Stone Pillow” was released on DVD and I purchased the DVD Right away! This is a BARGAIN at $9.99! This was such a Brave Role For Lucille Ball to take on and you can tell from her Stunning Performance that this Role was close to her heart! Not Many Actress’s would take such a risk but then again Lucille Ball always was a Trailblazer! Lucy of course was always known as a Comedic actress but she proves in this film that she is just as able in a Hard Hitting Drama! I Live in a Big City(LA) and I see homeless people everyday and it is so easy for people to take them for granted . After watching this film, one has a Whole new Perspective on the Homeless problem(which has grown even worse since bush jr took office) and the people who experience it . I Strongly Recommend this film and it is a film that the entire family should watch!

  4. A.B. says:

    Review by A.B. for Stone Pillow
    This movie was great. If Lucille Ball had not played the role of Florabelle I would have not even purchased this movie. Even though there is some dramatic points throughout the movie there is also some funny moments (don’t know if its intended), but when Lucille Ball said a line that was kinda sarcastic it made me laugh, I guess that’s just the Lucy charm. Great movie for any Lucille Ball fan. This movie helped pivot the CBS Series Life With Lucy.

  5. Victor E. Ritchey says:

    Review by Victor E. Ritchey for Stone Pillow
    This is a great movie to own, especially if you’re an obsessive Lucille Ball fan! Although this movie has been available in various ‘underground’ channels it’s great to own a copy that is crystal clear the way it was first created and shown.

    Lucille Ball’s performance is steller in this made-for-TV movie and a great showcase for the talent that the world usually associates with her comedic routines from her days in “I Love Lucy”. She draws the audience into her plight and sympathy is garnered, possibly through her celebrity fame, for her character of Florabelle.

    Lucy had a difficult time in making this movie due to the heat of New York City while wearing her street wardrobe. She suffered dehydration and at the age of 74 suffered several minor strokes. With all this, she never let her performance suffer in this “Must-Have” movie! Concidently, Lucy’s character, Florabelle, was named after her real-life grandmother!

    If you’re a Lucy Fan – you MUST get this movie as an honor and tribute to the final movie performance from one of the greatest Red-Heads that ever existed!

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