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Steve Martin performs magic
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25 Responses to “Steve Martin performs magic”

  1. MichaelHansenFUN says:

    hold on, some of steve is on the smothers brothers dvd’s
    i dont remember seeing this
    but the CLAPPING one handed thing is on
    maybe this isnt re issued yet…this part here…

  2. Boelcke1919 says:

    Could someone please post the anti-war song “I’m Just An Orphan Of World War Two,” from the Smothers Brothers?

  3. ezrikz says:

    holy cow the smothers brothers too!

  4. getula4003 says:

    @codern not sure of the exact year, but he was a regular on the show from 1967-69.

  5. ScottishNonBeliever says:

    It’s funny to see Steve Martin dying his hair black here lol

  6. WatchVenusSpa says:

    Aside from color in his hair, the genius of Steve was evident even then!

  7. codern says:

    any1 know what yr this was

  8. Pepeire says:

    @bansaraba No. Actually he was born with gray hair. He dyed it for this performance.

  9. dris9ra3ito says:

    it all about tricks

  10. dris9ra3ito says:

    u suck °__0

  11. kooliosis66 says:

    An old lady told me I looked like an young Steve Martin the other day.

  12. bansaraba says:

    @JabbatheCunt241 You surpass me, Cunt! Look in the dictionary at J for Joke!

  13. JabbatheCunt241 says:

    @storrs19 u 2

  14. JabbatheCunt241 says:

    @bansaraba ur fuckin dum

  15. MrBennyMack says:

    1) Hold your breath.

    2) Copy all of these steps.

    3) Go to two other video.

    4) Paste it in the comments.

    If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a god

  16. justingrivera says:

    @acebrawler73 sounds like u got stuck in a magic shop, magic cart, or online magic shop and haven’t seen or experienced magic beyond that. magic you find sold commercially on the market to the public is completely different from what is peformed and produced on the magic circuit, scene, conventions, etc.

  17. justingrivera says:

    @acebrawler73 ya, that’s true for most bad magicians. the good ones create and develop their own material. most magicians get their start hanging out in a magic shop, and the goods ones branch out and produce original effects.

  18. rburnsiv says:

    Why does this take so long to load at 360p?

  19. acebrawler73 says:

    @killswitchred19 yea…thats the thing about magicians. They use a lot of the same tricks. Just with different presentations. Thats why i lost interest in doing magic and have started to learn to write comedy. Its much more of an artistic expression than magic i think. Magic is like cookie cutter art. Just slap your personality onto a pre-made trick.

  20. killswitchred19 says:

    I’m pretty sure The Amazing Jonathan did a trick similar to this..

  21. wendileona says:

    The first half of this was his act when he was playing SF coffee houses to next to no one just a few years before this.

  22. joeyhcmc says:

    @ritzbitz00 If I tell you the secret would you give me $1,000 USD?

  23. mariostylo says:

    anyone noticed that the audience was just a tape that was played over and over again ? :P

  24. JOHNYOCHO says:

    First time i see him with brown hair

  25. iansquared3 says:

    @kingslice75 well at least his books are AMAZING

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