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Steve Allen show Louie Nye part two

Steve Allen plymouth show Louie Nye writers actors strike skit

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13 Responses to “Steve Allen show Louie Nye part two”

  1. circle6224 says:

    actually the trick is to click to to download the high quality mp3 for this song.

  2. Novak67766 says:

    Nye was a combination of Jonathan Winters and Gore Vidal.

  3. ghostgirlstv says:

    How can ANY ANY ANYONE compare to this GREAT comedy today! Truly brilliant!!

  4. EMCEMITCH says:

    the bartender is pat harrington jr.

  5. Carycomic says:

    Absolutely hilarious! Do you have the one where Don Knotts, Tom Poston, and Louie Nye played window-glass manufacturers?

  6. logancody07 says:

    Well and accurately said.

  7. vibra64 says:

    Are you insane?

  8. slikrok593 says:

    Are you kidding – Jose Jimenez sounds , looks and acts like all the Mexicans I know !
    This was when TV was real — not the politically correct crap we have now !

  9. MalubaySyecado says:

    David Letterman USED to be the new Steve Allen when he was on NBC. He just didn’t have enough talent or class to sustain that label.

  10. HughJardon69 says:

    Sorry, but it’s extremely offensive. “innocence” = dimwitted, almost child-like. There’s nothing “good” about that “stereotype”. It’s a perfect example of Hollywood’s paternalistic colonialism that was rampant back in those days.

  11. garyowen4ever says:

    keith olberman is the new steve allen, but not as brilliant.

  12. haskellbob says:

    I find Bill Dana’s “José Jiménez” character kind of right-on; there’s a touching sort of innocence in the way he looks at the camera in the guise of a Mexican, which reveals something about the Mexican stereotype – the good side of it – it’s not offensive.

    José Jiménez, by the way, was one of the finest singers of ranchera music…

  13. JohnLeeJohnLee says:

    Steve Allen, Louie Nye, Tom Posten, Gabe Dell…man, those were the days. Anyone who thinks David Letterman has anything new to offer never saw the old Steve Allen show. (To those who know, the holes are probably still in the ceiling.)

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