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Steve Allen show Jonathan Winters stand up part four

Steve Allen show Jonathan Winters stand up comedy part four
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25 Responses to “Steve Allen show Jonathan Winters stand up part four”

  1. fiomily225 says:

    @markko17 It’s true, my Grampy showed me this video, and I thought it was pretty funny, considering i’ve never seen it before. Saying things like ‘f u’ and ‘f this’ and ‘f everybody’ gets annoying after a while.

  2. jwklbm326 says:

    So Lenny Bruce got this bit from Jonathan or vice-versa?

  3. unclebluez says:

    I just have to mention that Mr Allen was a very talented musician and … yes he wrote that song “This could be the start of something big”
    featured in the car commercial here. I saw him live in Burbank Ca when I was a kid attending a live recording of his show.
    He was a first class gentleman who set the standard for all who followed.

  4. DarthKreeg says:

    Gee I want a 1950s plymouth too.

  5. gnativerson says:

    @terrryc – that’s the gorgeous and versatile operatic soprano Patrice Munsel. According to IMDB this show aired: 30 May 1960

  6. TheJomogogo says:



    THANK YOU for this video !

    Steve Allen and Jonathan Winters are mostly forgotten today, kids go “huh” if you mention their names.

    They were giants in their time.

  7. terrryc says:

    who is the cute singer at the beginning of this vid? Is there another of her little routine?

  8. alonenjersey says:

    You’ve got to be something else to be an inspiration to Robin Williams.

  9. spactick says:

    The amazing thing about Jonathan Winters is that everything that you saw was totally improvised. He made all of it up on the spot. A Genius of comic if there ever was one. A profound influence on all other stand-ups that followed him. One of the 20th Centuries giants.

  10. lomalindajazz says:

    Wow even the commercials were better back then. IF the commercials had that kind of jazzy music and singing behind them i might actually pay attention to them.

  11. aerosmythe says:

    Way ahead of his time. No wonder Robin Williams emulated him.

  12. twfeline says:

    Listen to the applause — Jonathan didn’t need a shill — he was well known by then and very popular. You can hear a number of people doing the laughing. By the way, it was standard practice back then to stock an audience with a few people known for being quick to laugh. They were either given lots of tickets for shows or they were hand-picked by the studio ushers out of the lineup of people waiting to get in.

  13. Hornman64 says:

    I am surprised that Plymouth hadn’t started to rust yet. LOL. They were infamous for early rustin around the head light bezels and in the rear quarters, at least here in the rust belt.

  14. Shadow4000000 says:

    I wonder if Charlie Callas was inspired by Jonathan Winters?…

  15. whenmonkeysattack16 says:

    Jonathan Winters is my hero!

  16. ipmoic says:

    The only problem here is: there’s a “yes man” laughing and yucking it up at everything that Jonathan says. Sounds like a moron–listen for his voice.
    Winters didn’t need him–he and his stuff are great.

  17. moproducer says:

    A large part of Allen’s distinction was that, intellectually, he was literally a genius…published author, playwright, composer, conducter, gifted pianist, artist, actor, director, comedian…and a very deep philosopher. I think he and Paar stood on near-equal intellectual footing, and comedy requires intelligence.

    If you look at O’Brien’s background (Harvard Lampoon editor – twice! and a Magna Cum Laude), you get begin to see the continuum. You’re right about Paar, he was never abusive.

  18. highlandsh says:

    Part of my original comment was to compare Steve Allen’s style to that of Conan O’Brien. If Conan is not quite old enough to remember Allen live he has surely seen recordings and perhaps was inspired. Anyway, to my eye I see some homage but not imitation. I’m now trying to think of someone who is on the air today who is as cleverly sarcastic but still as fun loving as Paar .

  19. moproducer says:

    To finish answering your question: Paar held the seat at Tonight until the summer of 1962, when he left to host his own primetime variety series, which aired from late 1962 through 1965.

    Johnny Carson took over in the fall of 1962 (he had guest-hosted for both Allen and Paar). He took the show from 105 minutes to 90 minutes in 1966, to 60 minutes in 1980; and moved production from NYC to LA in 1972.

    Jay Leno took the show in late 1992 and turned it over to Conan O’Brien in 2009.

  20. moproducer says:

    ‘Bollocks’ has never been a censored word in US broadcasting; it’s not held to be as vulgar as it is in Britain. This clip is from the Steve Allen Plymouth Show, which aired in primetime from 1956-1960; concurrently with Allen’s job as parttime host of the Tonight Show (he started with the show in 1954, and in late 1956 split the job with Ernie Kovaks). Jack Paar took over the Tonight Show in the fall of 1957.

    The commercial shows a 1960 Plymouth, so I’m guessing this was the fall of 1959.

  21. zenanarchist says:

    yes, If I had saggy wrinkly balls like yours I wouldn’t wanna have strong healthy muscular cojones like mine

  22. highlandsh says:

    He (Winters) did sneak in “bollocks”!
    Was Allen the start of Conan?
    Steve Allen had a hit song with that tune. He was credited with writing 3000+ songs. Jack Paar said “oh yeah? name two”.

  23. heywally says:

    Could be, but the good news for me is that I never have to be you.

  24. zenanarchist says:

    old fuck

  25. LeoHareMusic says:

    Is this the Tonight Show? Or did he have another show, too?

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