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Steve Allen show Jonathan Winters stand up part four

Steve Allen show Jonathan Winters stand up comedy part four

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25 Responses to “Steve Allen show Jonathan Winters stand up part four”

  1. Silverwolf5001 says:

    @markko17 Thats true.

  2. IExposeMormonism says:

    Johnathan Winters, Don Rickles and other comedians would do routines that would get every civil liberties group in America after you. Civil liberties groups ruined this nation. not just on this subject looks like 2 of them dropped in here.

  3. chedca says:


  4. Diogenes1360 says:

    Wow, I’m love with the car in the Plymouth ad.!

  5. Monkofmagnesia says:

    He does this on his comedy album from many years ago (which I have), only a different (and funnier) punch line.

  6. cybaker1982 says:

    About 2 years ago I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Mr. Winters. He had very strong opinions about today’s comics’ need to use profanity…

  7. edwdixon5 says:

    Brian Regan doesn’t do “blue” material and is clever and hilarious. This is brutally unfunny. Try “just” using the f-word and see how big a sensation you become. Funny is funny. Prigs are just open to less of it.

  8. badnolar says:

    every youtube video of anything older than 2 years needs a comment just emblazoned on it that says “THINGS ARE SO BAD NOW. THEY USED TO BE SO AWESOME” It will save old uncreative people a lot of typing.

  9. rhinnawi95 says:

    Early on, he reminds me of Jack Benny. Gotta love Jonathan Winters.

  10. gregstenzel says:

    it’s Patrice Munsell…no?

  11. gregstenzel says:

    it’s Patrice Munsell…no?

  12. alonenjersey says:

    I’d love to take this man to a flea market or garage sale and watch him work his magic.

  13. jRAY1772 says:

    man theres one guy that laghs louder then every one in the crowd he sounds retarded

  14. mrtvforever3 says:

    Yeah, Lenny Bruce did a thing called “Prison Picture” that had the same plot, although the jokes are different.–Mr.TV.

  15. lostinmindseye46 says:

    Steve Allen laughing was one of the funniest things to watch. His show was great.

  16. Okinell says:

    I was born in 1953 and one of my most enjoyable things on TV was watching the Jack Parr show and especially when Johnathan Winters was on. My most memorable appearance was when he was making things out of an ashtray pole between them.

  17. fiomily225 says:

    @markko17 It’s true, my Grampy showed me this video, and I thought it was pretty funny, considering i’ve never seen it before. Saying things like ‘f u’ and ‘f this’ and ‘f everybody’ gets annoying after a while.

  18. jwklbm326 says:

    So Lenny Bruce got this bit from Jonathan or vice-versa?

  19. unclebluez says:

    I just have to mention that Mr Allen was a very talented musician and … yes he wrote that song “This could be the start of something big”
    featured in the car commercial here. I saw him live in Burbank Ca when I was a kid attending a live recording of his show.
    He was a first class gentleman who set the standard for all who followed.

  20. DarthKreeg says:

    Gee I want a 1950s plymouth too.

  21. gnativerson says:

    @terrryc – that’s the gorgeous and versatile operatic soprano Patrice Munsel. According to IMDB this show aired: 30 May 1960

  22. TheJomogogo says:



    THANK YOU for this video !

    Steve Allen and Jonathan Winters are mostly forgotten today, kids go “huh” if you mention their names.

    They were giants in their time.

  23. terrryc says:

    who is the cute singer at the beginning of this vid? Is there another of her little routine?

  24. alonenjersey says:

    You’ve got to be something else to be an inspiration to Robin Williams.

  25. spactick says:

    The amazing thing about Jonathan Winters is that everything that you saw was totally improvised. He made all of it up on the spot. A Genius of comic if there ever was one. A profound influence on all other stand-ups that followed him. One of the 20th Centuries giants.

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