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Steve Allen on The Tonight Show (Rare Clip)

This is the full version of the clip from the original incarnation of The Tonight Show, starring original host Steve Allen, that was used in Bill “Balloonman” Morrison’s interview with Steve. It features a bizarre comedy bit with a walking/talking doll and a jaunty musical number entitled “Love Thy Neightbor” (Steve refers to the piano player as “Skitch,” does that make him Skitch Henderson?). I will be happy to remove this clip if it conflicts with any copyright laws, but what I’ve been able to find seems to indicate it’s okay to show.

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25 Responses to “Steve Allen on The Tonight Show (Rare Clip)”

  1. WSenator1 says:

    @junedeon – No offense against Conan. Anybody that makes the world laugh with genuine humor is a treasure. But Steve Allen, by the fact that he is featured all over YT, is FAR from dead. He lives through the memory of those who saw him work, and through his work surviving through YT and other media. I doubt that, if YT lasts 50 years from now, that anybody will remember Conan. But Steve Allen will still be “not dead.”

  2. barrymore says:

    “Steverino” and Johnny…the only “legitimate hosts of The Tonight Show!

  3. laughingface1 says:

    @TheLonersManual and also before Carson was Jack Parr.

  4. TheLonersManual says:

    How cool. I did not realize there was a Tonight show before Johnny Carson. I just assumed he was the first. Steve Allen is pretty funny. :)

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. WSenator1 says:

    @hallj100 – Clark Kent indeed – without even taking the glasses off, he became a Superman of Late-Night Television

  6. mavivirgie says:


  7. hallj100 says:

    I didn’t know Clark Kent hosted The Tonight Show!

  8. icut1 says:

    Steve Allen and Johnny Carson are the two best and entertaining talkshow hosts ever.Ibelieve the only person that could possibly compare if he had a talkshow would be Bill Murry.I think he might work.

  9. Carycomic says:

    Yes, Skitch Henderson conducted the Tonight Show band under both Steve Allen and (briefly) Johnny Carson.

  10. RaintreeLDS says:

    The original host of The Tonight Show — just-like-that. Love. Life. Truth. Glove. Knife. Tooth.

  11. gusgreen84 says:

    Conan sings, plays guitar, tells and WRITES jokes.

  12. JudithIN410 says:

    Bush is a Yale grad – not that they are bragging about it.

  13. lostinmindseye46 says:

    Steve Allen was one of the funniest men around. His was, what few I able to see where Wonderful. He has a great laugh too.

  14. littlemc444 says:

    wow your probably around 40 years old and your lurking youtube…learn how to play an instrument or something…

    signing my name like a douchebag

  15. BigDaddy1968 says:

    “BIg Daddy is probably 80 years old!”

    Are you sure he also isn’t a JEW!!
    or even worse…

    …a NEGRO???!!!??


    Big Daddy
    Toying w/Conan Fans…Not that hard.

  16. BigDaddy1968 says:

    President Bush graduated from Harvard
    Shakespeare – Dead

    As for your post…
    How’s that for STUPID.


    Big Daddy
    Even Allen’s Fans PUNK out Conan’s

  17. junedeon says:

    Conan – writes (has an Emmy for it), plays guitar, graduated from Harvard, tells jokes.

    Steve Allen – Dead.

    How’s that for plain?

  18. littlemc444 says:

    big daddy is probably eighty years old

  19. BigDaddy1968 says:

    Steve Allen – sings, writes, teaches, plays piano, lectures, tells jokes.

    Conan – tells jokes.

    Big Daddy
    Making it plain…

  20. Joe402 says:

    I know this was made 2 months ago but I think I should reply to this.

    Conan owns.

  21. alexalex3131 says:

    Steve Allen was a natural born teacher and that was the hallmark of his style. He also wote dozens of books, one of which I actually remember: “Mark It And Strike It”.

  22. chalomirof63 says:

    “philmfan”: LOL! No problem. I’m a pain when it comes to dates, timelines, etc. But a great memory. Thanks.

  23. philmfan says:

    I don’t know much about the clip, frankly. I got it off of a DVD of odds & ends that Bill Morrison sent me and I guess Bill got it directly from Steve. That’s my understanding, anyway. There was no info on it and Bill didn’t have the details.

  24. be013fc says:

    The group of guys and gals that I hung out with used to rush home even on date night so we would not miss his show. We picked up his lines and antics and to this day I still will recall them when doing public speaking. If you listen to Rush you will hear Steve in some of his quips. Where has all the fun in life gone? Ramubay’s got it right, late is not worth staying up for.

  25. Ramubay says:

    Leno’s stuff is so rehearsed its boring and Letterman basically quit any improv after he lost the Tonight Show to Leno. Kimmel is a bit too slow and lazy. Conan is the closest to doing this type of off-script humor (but for some reason a lot of people just don’t like him, maybe he should play the guitar more). Chevy Chase tried to do this but he stunk, he just didn’t have the quick wit. Find someone that can do something like this today and I think it would blow everyone else out of the water.

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