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Steve Allen laughing blooper

Classic clip of Steve Allen cracking up at himself during a sportscaster sketch on live TV.

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25 Responses to “Steve Allen laughing blooper”

  1. alonenjersey says:

    Thank you so much kgammill. I have’nt seen this side-splitting moment in something like twenty years.

  2. dfszczepan says:

    This is the BEST!!!! What a total crack-up!
    I have not seen this in years, and I am going to watch it whenever I am having a bad day.
    Thanks SO MUCH for posting this wonderful classic!

  3. Novak67766 says:

    @jacicch I don’t think this was from the Tonight Show. He had a syndicated show many years afterwards. This guy was a gift from God.

  4. kavorka999 says:

    IMHO, the funniest guy I ever saw. He never failed to get me laughing too..LOL

  5. cesarsueg says:

    One of the funniest clips ever. I never get tired of seeing it.
    Steve Allen was a comic genius and to see him lose it this bad is indelibly etched in my mind.

  6. 8chevalier8 says:

    I saw this live too. He was laughing at his own image in the monitor. I loved it when he broke up.

  7. alonenjersey says:

    @redkos Absolutely! I have’nt seen this clip in at least 15 years. I can’t blame him. If roles were reversed, I’d lose it myself.

  8. mrjoegrennon says:

    Reminds me of my dope smokin’ pals.

  9. WSenator1 says:

    I remember seeing this live. I didn’t know at the time, of course, why he was laughing so much, but I think for the rest of the night, I was crying laughing myself. God, how I miss Steve Allen. Funny, intelligent, master ad-libber, social conscience, the whole 18 yards.

  10. Rumpl4skn says:

    @dagwood39 – As soon as he saw himself in the monitor, his hair was cracking him up so bad he could barely continue.

  11. dagwood39 says:

    I never got what was so funny?

  12. jacicch says:

    this is SUCH good stuff! What a bummer when Jack Paar took over, although we was cool in his own way, but GAWD, Allen was SO fun ny.

  13. a8avexp says:

    Allen once said the greasy kid stuff used on his hair made it “look dumb”, which made him start laughing.

  14. logancody05 says:

    @hollyyt53 What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Charlie666XZ says:

    Does anyone have any video of Steve doing his Angry reporter bit?

  16. thesixtiesguy says:

    This is when comedy didn’t have to be sexual or political. Back then, we could just laugh at anything. Are we really that sophistocated now, that we can’t laugh at ourselves. Laughter is the best medicine and television used to be a good perscription.

  17. vetalltheway says:

    What a talent Steve Allen was.

  18. jsbach15 says:

    Always love his laugh! 10+ stars!

  19. hardlines4 says:

    A time when we had REAL entertainers!!

  20. friendly12able says:

    Steve Allen was always one of the great entertainers.

  21. blinky705 says:

    By the way, is this comic artist Kerry Gammill?

  22. blinky705 says:

    The last time I saw this clip was on an old Betamax tape that I recorded from TV back in the 70s. I’ve been looking for it again ever since…thanx a brazillion for posting it. Steve Allen was the funniest, most brilliant talent ever in television.

  23. SIMPFANN says:

    What a wonderful thing for a parent to say! Your mother must have been a very smart woman.

  24. SIMPFANN says:

    I have to disagree. I love Steve and Johnny- both were extraordinary talents who are dearly missed- but damned if Conan isn’t a wonderfully funny man in his own right.

  25. 2005dave says:

    Steve had just caught a glimpse of himself in the monitor as the picture dissolved from the opening film and he never really regained composure. I really don’t know or care where Steve intended to go with this sketch – just watching him crack up at himself is priceless.

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