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Steptoe and Son – S1E1 – The Offer

Season 1, Episode 1: The Offer: Pilot Original Air Date—5 January 1962 Harold Steptoe is thirty-seven and,since leaving the army,has been a drudge for his widowed, selfish father Albert,totting for goods to sell in their rag-and-bone business. One day Harold gets the offer of a better job and is determined to take it. Albert,however,fearing loneliness if Harold goes, knows just how to keep his son at home.

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25 Responses to “Steptoe and Son – S1E1 – The Offer”

  1. ProudAnselmo says:


    I think what he’s saying is that he hates black people.

  2. emohatred says:

    @ALBIONTYKE true! what about father ted and black adder – cant forget those

  3. Allie2Squared says:

    @MARC6314 That’s what brought me here! Just saw that part for the first time. I’m usually arguing with my dad how to say Demond’s name! ha! glad I saw this!!! I’m used to Sanford, but this is hilarious!

  4. ferocel says:

    This would have been brilliant as a one-off, one-act tragicomedy. Amazing to think, many episodes and two films later, what it spawned.

  5. chewybunz says:

    Lol…the actor playing the father is the best Ebeneezer Scrooge there never was! Dickens must have rolled in his grave.

  6. 1999Baz says:

    One Of The Greatest Sitcoms Ever Made, Two Emense Entertainers, TV Gold

  7. OriginalRocketJock says:

    @1Pridyldragon Sanford and Son was a failure? Please explain.

  8. 1Pridyldragon says:

    another one that the yanks tried doing themselves but failed missereably

  9. arsebandit2000 says:

    brilliant old fasioned brit comedy… the theme tune too

  10. BuggritHall says:

    @Mr1952gt Thank gawd for that ‘cos this is in b&w ;-)


    This first Episode of Steptoe & Son is quite similar to that of the first Only Fools & Horses Episode. Both first Episodes consist of Harold and Rodney wanting to do their own thing but Albert and Del hold them back.

  12. ALBIONTYKE says:

    @TomthatiscalledTom Both the PC brigade & dumbing down the population, are two sides of the same coin. It’s called social engineering. In the UK it took 30 years, in the Republic it took 15.

  13. TomthatiscalledTom says:

    @ALBIONTYKE BBC comedy, and its output in general, is so awful these days is because of the legacy of Thatcherism. After Maggie’s dear friend Murdoch was allowed to swallow up the print media, he applied his dumb-down-for-profit ethos to television. In time public broadcasters like the BBC followed suit. It’s now is run by people who despise their audiences and think only pandering to chavs and Katie-Price loving bimbos will get decent ratings. The ‘PC brigade’ has nothing to do with it.

  14. Jovenza2 says:

    Lets Do This!

  15. ThePsycoDolphin says:

    @Nanaman12345 exactly, comedy has moved on it is not dead.

  16. ALBIONTYKE says:

    @Nanaman12345 Unlike the old comedies I mentioned earlier which are still well known after 30 to 40 years, the ones you mentioned will be forgotten in 10. Talents like Marty Feldman, Spike Milligan Roger Cook & Dudley Moore have never been replaced.

  17. Nanaman12345 says:

    @ALBIONTYKE No it’s not. I’d say “Come Fly With Me,” “The Trip,” “QI,” “The IT Crowd,” “Peep Show,” and many other shows still keep British comedy alive. It has changed a bit, but it’s still clever and fun to watch.

  18. Reverendjim1 says:

    @Charismain1 I like them both!

  19. Charismain1 says:

    It’s interesting to see posters reactions to the contrasting Sanford and Son and Steptoe and Son.It took ten years to translate it..and as mentioned can’t really be compared.
    Sanford and Son-does hold up,and i encourage people to catch a few episodes..its from a totally different culture/time..well 1972 America anyway…
    Im a Brit living in North America,and about the age to be brought up on these sit-coms..but have come to appreciate Maude,All in the family,Chico and the Man,Sanford etc

  20. MARC6314 says:

    Great comedy. I have wanted to see this show since Sanford and Son started in 1973 (they always state “Based on Steptoe and Son” at the beginning).

  21. MARC6314 says:

    Great comedy. I have wanted to see this show since Sanford and Son started in 1973 (they always state “Based on Steptoe and Son” at the beginning).

  22. resculptit says:

    ” A bad workmen always blames his tools. ” In the US – this became “Sanford & Son.” Hollywood likes to make Statements in their Political Correctness programs. Brits don’t consider in their thoughts the Race, but rather the caste. Americans don’t have castes – they had rather use Race as their reason for hatred, bigotry, and predjudice.

  23. MsWendellyn says:

    But we still got the classics! Thanks so much for uppin this great classic thumpervids! =)

  24. CK1223 says:

    great british comedy

  25. CK1223 says:

    thank u

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