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Steptoe and Son Movie Intro!!

The Briliant ‘Steptoe and Son Movie’. This is the Intro from the 1972 Movie. Classic!!!!!

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25 Responses to “Steptoe and Son Movie Intro!!”

  1. mimibarn says:

    God their films were HILARIOUS do you hear me HILARIOUS
    Gone and never forgotten………………….

  2. vicwau87 says:

    where is the full film, iv watched it on here before but cant find it

  3. thekroton says:

    This series was greatly enhanced by the excellent acting of the two
    leads.Harry H Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell will be greatly missed ,they
    are a sad loss to the acting profession.

  4. creamcakepie1 says:

    @thekroton same here

  5. captcaveman46 says:

    £2-00 Parking ticket. straight in the bin, love it : – )

  6. thekroton says:

    This was the best comedy EVER on tv.
    Superbly acted and always of a very high quality.
    I have adored this show ever since i saw a repeat of the
    Black and white episode “The Bath”.
    And i instantly loved it.

  7. bingoace says:

    I have seen this film several times. I love this intro clip. Has me rolling over the floor in stitches! It’s really gross, picking up the horse droppings then eating a sandwich straight after!

  8. MeBenHalpin says:

    Great film, love how the story unfolds, at the beginning the Steptoe’s coming out the divorce court arguing as usual, then in flashback showing the reason why they were there.

  9. TROUSERFLAP says:

    No, they used a stunt hand.

  10. leewiz72 says:

    great film and the sequel too!!

  11. happentodie says:

    gods amoncst men

  12. IEAMOININ says:

    lol he sticks his hands in horse shit and eats the bread then lolol

  13. bingoace says:

    This is gross but it has me in stitches!

  14. LordWellington15 says:

    The show Sanford and Son is based on this show.

  15. currypot1965 says:

    This cant be with the original characters warrior,series 8 was the last,no murder on there!!

  16. EBOWARRIOR says:

    Any steproe fans out there try searching for murder in oil drum lane, its the final completion of steptoe and son with harold killing his father albert and was written by none other than ray galton and john antrobus. I would of thought it would of been finalized with a nice ending but murder???????

  17. richeeeeeeeeee says:

    can someone put the mike reid scence on here wen he goes to harold u got hush pupies on mate its wen harold goes to sit down watching the striper

  18. richeeeeeeeeee says:

    can some one put the full movie on here please

  19. TibetKanagawa says:


  20. kaleigh79 says:


  21. DaleInator360 says:

    lol parking tickets now a days are like £60+ some of them over £100 in some places =O

  22. sweetypie000 says:

    love em to death
    love s&s you prob like trotters, fawlty, blackadder, red dwarf

  23. sweetypie000 says:

    horsemuck isn’t bad at all

  24. sweetypie000 says:

    about £20 or there abouts

  25. sweetypie000 says:

    doubt it.
    i’d rather pick up horse poo than anything else it’s not bad at all
    (not that picking up poo is a hobby of mine) :)

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