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Starsky & Hutch

Starsky and Hutch bloopers and outtakes

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25 Responses to “Starsky & Hutch”

  1. Takaouto says:

    So many good scenes!! Fargas at 2:24, Soul’s devastated cry of “Where’s my partner?!” at 3:22, and Glaser at 3:32 cracks me up every time. XDD

  2. psychoboysaz says:

    How ever did you get this? Are you Paul Michael Glaser? David Soul? I think you are.

  3. MCGRADGER says:

    I have every boxset and this would have made some great bonus content, lol. So funny hearing them swear like that.

  4. starskylvr says:

    kassidyrae is correct. I have the entire collection on DVD and have seen all the episodes on them plus the extras and there are no bloopers on any of them; I really wish there were.

  5. LittleYardBird says:

    Oh dear….. I don’t believe that even P.M.Glaser has kissed David but me!!! :-)

  6. atlasshrugged2u says:

    @Utube4me48 I know you wrote this a year ago about Starsky & Hutch but I’m a woman who is now 43. I remember watching the show as a kid and loving it. I bought the seasons on DVD now as an adult and really appreciate and understand their friendship. You were right about people (men and women) being “hands on” with one another or more affectionate before A.I.D.S. People look at it today and think it’s “gay” but it was the culture of that time your right.

  7. atlasshrugged2u says:

    Wow I know the tape is all mest up but this stuff is priceless! Thank you, I love “Starsky & Hutch” and to hear them cussing and horsing around was really great! Some pretty shocking stuff, LOL!
    Thank You.

  8. marikane111 says:

    I had seen another bloopers vid with almost the same content, however your vid has a bit more….thanks for sharing….I loved those guys….still do!!!

  9. kay2735 says:

    I absolutely love this……..I bet they had a lot of funny out takes…too bad can’t find them. It is wonderful to see friends that can joke and play around like that…..poking at the critics who couldn’t understand how two manly gorgeous specimens could be so loving toward each other. Those two would be fun to hang around then and I bet still now.

  10. jaxin280s says:

    Thanx so much for uploading this. Great laughs. I laugh out loud every time at D.S. yelling “F— You!” at 1:40.

  11. roxvify says:

    @Abena20 VERY LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. roxvify says:

    @Bestmanme08 I´m not homosexual, I´m heterosexual, I love men, and Homosexuality is not an illness, so the part of the cure is out of context. I love Jesus with all my heart, and I think that if we are with another person with REAL LOVE that comes from the deep of the heart is not a sin. That´s what I feel.

  13. roxvify says:

    Yes I had notice it, awsome!!!!

  14. Bestmanme08 says:

    @roxvify Call 1-888-264-0877 for a genuine homosexual cure! Homosexuality is a sin against the New Testament of Jesus Christ!

  15. roxvify says:

    They look like so good toghether, I hope the are a real love couple!!!

  16. frankshado says:

    Did anyone notice it was PMG who tried or did kiss DS every time in this vid??

  17. Abena20 says:

    0:39 David Soul is a lucky man

  18. MsGlamourlife says:

    Very nice vid!

  19. vegaman111 says:

    2.10 someone know the name of the song?

  20. guizza85 says:

    i’m sorry!!! i wrote pual!! i’m very stupid!! SORRY!! so…PAUL RULES!!

  21. Hot4Hutch says:

    Love the bit at :40. If I were Starsky, I’d want to kiss Hutch too. I didn’t know they were such naughty boys……
    Love the bit too in the courtroom. Too funny.

  22. malcolmsnake says:

    Wonderful!!!! BRAVO BOYS!

  23. SFGrrlWonder says:

    Thanks kassidyrae!
    FAB-u-lous outtakes/bloopers!
    I love to see stuff like this!
    Re: David’s anxious comments @ Paul’s driving…
    No seat-belts… it made me cringe.
    Thanks Again!

  24. guizza85 says:

    GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! oh shit oh shit…
    beauty Pual!! XD’

  25. Eddie62070 says:

    oh yeah…right to Favorites!!

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