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Starsky & Hutch Film Trailer

This one more trailer i produced for media studies at college of the film starsky and hutch. – its up to 1000+ views now… can somebody please comment with some feedback =)
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7 Responses to “Starsky & Hutch Film Trailer”

  1. mrandersuun says:

    change the fonts to something besides black and white… it’s a 70′s remake… throw some trippy colors around or something, anything but black background with lowercase regular boring white font.

  2. jc8984 says:

    nice song but the donload please

  3. StarskyandHutchFans says:

    I like it. Series and movie.

  4. sparklingrubby says:

    this is kindof like the other guys

  5. v1kk3485 says:

    Well maybe not. People talk about a murder, starsky and hutch becomes partners, and need to find “their guy” by “using every contact in the book”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are investigating the murder at all, that murder could play an other part of the film. All it tells you is that they need to find they’re guy.
    And this trailer doesn’t really tempt you to see the movie. If the actual film would have been as dull as this trailer no body would have liked it!

  6. grimeytodafullest says:

    @v1kk3485 so you wouldn’t no after watching this that its about starsky and hutch (who everyone has heard of) trying to solve a murder?

  7. v1kk3485 says:

    this was kinda bad, not really resembling a trailer since a person who had not seen the film would not have any idea what it’s about.

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