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Starsky & Hutch

Starsky and Hutch bloopers and outtakes
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25 Responses to “Starsky & Hutch”

  1. elvisobsessor says:

    Oh wow, I’ve never seen these!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. purepulp says:

    OMG I’m dying HAHAHA David Soul yelling “fuck you!” out the window like that was fucking hilarious… and the kiss <3_<3 :D

  3. nayrphantom says:

    @Ahmedabdelreheem Because she screamed it while they were filming an episode. XD

  4. Ahmedabdelreheem says:

    @nayrphantom OH MY GOD, and why did he replay that BAD ?

  5. nayrphantom says:

    @Ahmedabdelreheem She was saying: “CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!”

  6. evamariaCH says:

    @Ahmedabdelreheem Not a tv special – this apparently came from a wrap party video and was only meant for the cast and crew of the show (hence the bad quality).

  7. Ahmedabdelreheem says:

    @kassidyrae Where did you find this? And did any American TV ever air it ?

  8. Ahmedabdelreheem says:

    i tried like 100 times to hear what the girl/fan was saying at 1 : 38 but i couldn’t. So please what she was saying ??

    And by the way, how they let him say the F word on that clip, kowing that it’s a TV Special after all ?!!

  9. AlmaYLuna1 says:

    Geez, every time I watch this hilarious scenes, I am down to tears from laughing. Thanks a lot for putting it on.

  10. stillluvit says:

    Love these! I started watching the show as an early teen when it was in reruns (around 1980). I was crazy about it, and I still am!

  11. kunjidee says:

    hahaha oh that was awesome…!

  12. kunjidee says:

    they’re still so lovable…even in 2011

  13. SheriffTankStoner says:

    @bixbyglaser Prior to TNT, they showed reruns of S&H throughout the 1980′s on US stations not affiliated with the then-big 3 networks at that time. In fact, the first episode of S&H that I saw as a rerun was ‘Captain Dobey…You’re Dead’ in September 1980, a year after it’s final ABC summer rerun cycle.

  14. MichaelHansenFUN says:

    In a “blooper tape” made during the show’s run that can be found on YouTube, the narrator intones that some Hollywood industry types referred to the characters as “French kissing prime-time homos”; Soul verified this statement in a 1999 “cast reunion” interview.

  15. erniesigsoundfan says:

    In tv-series of the 70 and 80′s they usually never drive the car for real. But I saw it in the first 11 seconds Starsky drove the car. It’s better tv than.

  16. JAYFARRELL31 says:

    @KAT65 yeah but they could have been kids and not realised they were filming

  17. KAT65 says:

    I think it’s rude to begin with to disrupt filming by shouting at the actors.

  18. 3direktiv says:

    @kassidyrae Oh well, thanks anyway! Great post. I love it!

  19. kassidyrae says:

    @3direktiv I’ve searched and as far as I can tell this is all that’s left, supposedly a wrap -party video one year

  20. 3direktiv says:

    Seriously, how in the world did you find this?!? Is there a higher quality version anywhere on the planet?

  21. JAYFARRELL31 says:

    I really like starsky and hutch but man to say “Fuck you” to a fan or say “hey were rolling film here” is just RUDE, good actors but not nice people in real life

  22. Takaouto says:

    So many good scenes!! Fargas at 2:24, Soul’s devastated cry of “Where’s my partner?!” at 3:22, and Glaser at 3:32 cracks me up every time. XDD

  23. psychoboysaz says:

    How ever did you get this? Are you Paul Michael Glaser? David Soul? I think you are.

  24. MCGRADGER says:

    I have every boxset and this would have made some great bonus content, lol. So funny hearing them swear like that.

  25. starskylvr says:

    kassidyrae is correct. I have the entire collection on DVD and have seen all the episodes on them plus the extras and there are no bloopers on any of them; I really wish there were.

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