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Starsky And Hutch Trailer

Starsky And Hutch Trailer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to “Starsky And Hutch Trailer”

  1. StarQualityWins says:

    Is it true that if Owen Wilson is perceived working at Easy Mart, that it’s one of the seven signs, in the King James (only) Bible, that everyone has to switch to Solar Power?

  2. VFVhho says:

    he didnt say crhis owen either, nah im JK lol.

  3. Riviter19 says:

    his names owen wilson, not crhis owen

  4. SidneyTheSadd says:

    Dude, His Name Is Owen Wilson.

  5. gong273 says:


  6. raterrizer says:

    Ben Stiller and Chris Owen this is an A + movie an you guys and your movie get thumbs up and thankyou for the laughs and the great work

  7. vickrise99 says:

    DO IT

  8. yoldalin3 says:

    beautiful song

  9. macginnis101 says:

    lol “do it” thats funny.

  10. 00spankz00 says:

    Can anyone help me out here. wana get the vid for the cheerleader routine. nice one

  11. wahesh88 says:

    Good Charlotte – March on.
    The album’s name is Good morning Revival

  12. wahesh88 says:

    Good Charlotte – Good morning Revival :)

  13. somethingj says:

    I love this song does anyone know who the singer is?

  14. awosufan12 says:

    i love this movie, and if u guys did also… i recomend “THE MAN” with eugene levy and samuel jackson!!!

  15. serpentcharmer says:

    It’s awesome 5* for this one!
    Does anybody know if a video where the real ones Starsky and hutch appear at the end of the movie?

  16. zombifiedmaster says:

    love this movie
    “chow and hutch, sounds cool”
    that part always makes me laugh the hardest!

  17. Pudlis16 says:

    This movie was awesome!

  18. chops2317 says:

    march on by good charlotte

  19. shahherwan93 says:

    fantastic movie also wats the background music

  20. bloups55 says:

    Great movie . Good Trailer . <3

  21. protonkid says:

    It is awesome, but not great, believe me, I like it.

  22. shadowandhannah says:

    Nice this is a great movie

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