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Starsky and Hutch Car Chase Scene

The very first scene in Season 3 Partners. A car chase that ends badly. Orginally uploaded on April 27, 2008 with a current 1480 views.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Starsky and Hutch Car Chase Scene”

  1. dcareyHQvideos says:

    What year was this Gran Torino?

  2. HUSKY57887 says:

    Hey Hutch,at least Starkey had a car.

  3. Poszukiwacz86 says:

    Bullit had its VW Bug, Starsky and Hutch have their Porshe

  4. druso33 says:

    man, hot nurses, man, oh man, look at those hotties!

  5. NargotDCLXVI says:

    This episode was today on TV :D Love the show:!

  6. dumbcup says:

    better then any new show

  7. CHiPsFan01 says:

    That’s a cool sounding siren.

  8. RaleighDawlishRaynar says:

    Subject: Maniacal “tine” – “Hutch” run
    Anagram: The Manchurian Lunatic

  9. rasb1 says:

    OMG, every car in this clip is awesome!

  10. izyr89 says:

    i love this car chase scene and i love watching starsky and Hutch

  11. VegardMinde says:

    This is the lamest car chase I’ve ever seen !

  12. Nickthedukefan69 says:

    this is the flash back episode

  13. pressrolls says:

    Pretty discreet looking car for a couple of undercover cops.

  14. scudo1905 says:

    As Jimmy Saville used to say , clunk click every trip. Good old PIF 1970s info films.

  15. AppleMachintruc says:

    Is there any one that can tell me what Starsky and Hutch are saying from 0:25 … I do understand that they are talking about the Torino, but I didn’t understand very well ! ;)

  16. frequentfiler says:

    @mogogirl67 You can find episodes on that’s I re-discovered the series and now even own a clone of the ‘Striped Tomato’

  17. kdemonde says:

    That Ambulance was red and white too…was that Starsky’s LOL!

  18. TheBeatMerchant says:

    Great clip – always used to stay up late & what this show as a kid. They don’t make nurses like that anymore!!

  19. santasreal1 says:

    huggie was the best thing in this show

  20. nintendo64ization2 says:

    @Oldies09 thank you for posting good shows like this

  21. nintendo64ization2 says:

    what happe to good shows like this theres nothing like good shows like this vote this comment up if you agree

  22. randrianabel says:

    the nurses?no MY nurses yeah

  23. randrianabel says:

    the nurses?no MY nurses yeah

  24. retrofann1 says:

    Buckle Up For Safety!

    This would have made a good series finale.

  25. irarawkstarr says:

    I really want to try that stunt at 3:30, lol.

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