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Starsky And Hutch TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1975

Tough Starsky and educated Hutch are plainclothes cops taking on dope dealers, muggers and other thugs, aided by their red 1974 Torino and informant Huggy Bear. Both bachelors’ private lives play as interweaving threads in the drama. Paul Michael Glaser David Soul Antonio Fargas Bernie Hamilton
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25 Responses to “Starsky And Hutch TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1975”

  1. BuzbyWuzby says:

    Huggy Bear for President! Oh wait a minute…

  2. Cool2BCeltic says:

    I can’t watch this without thinking of Morecambe and Wise’s “Starkers and Krutch” sendup.

  3. HUSKY57887 says:

    Best theme version of the series. Can you post full episodes?

  4. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @eurodishco You sure have that right. Things have changed so much for the worst in only 30 years. I was watching an old rerun of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ awhile ago and those old shows were funny and had a goofy plot and were entertaining without all of the cursing and political correctness garbage that Hollywood strangles itself with nowadays.

  5. eurodishco says:

    @ridgerunner721601 I am in absolute agreement with you. I guess we are living in planet Vulgaris Trashis.

  6. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @eurodishco Very true. And it’s not only the TV shows. What passes for music nowadays is the same as the garbage TV shows in recent years.

  7. eurodishco says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Sorry it took me a while to reply! We concur about the sad reality that vulgarity and lack of talent are celebrated in all media; thus becoming the norm rather than the exception — and what is worse, the “icons” that reflect this mentality become sensations and are emulated by the young and the not so young!

  8. Ballistic23 says:

    I want to buy this tune without the sound effects. Anybody know if it’s available?

  9. MultiNickDanger says:

    such a funny opening sequence – the guys in the lincoln are chasing starsky and hutch, then when they catch ‘em, with no explanation, somehow starsky and hutch are pulling THEM out of THEIR car and jacking them up

    pretty cool to see this, made me feel young for a minute

  10. stevefromPA2 says:

    1970s 7,000lb 20 ft Lincoln…the original drifter…

  11. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @eurodishco That doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t even know Jill Clayburgh had died. But everytime one of these stupid Kardashians walks out of the house, they have to report it and make a big deal about it. And I agree. They’re talentless. Just what do they do to make the news? About the only thing I’ve seen is they sleep with pro athletes. They come across as gold digging trash.

  12. eurodishco says:

    @ridgerunner721601 (continued) one of the best and most talented actresses of the past 40 years, Jill Clayburgh had died. Yet, she was not on the cover but rather her small photo was at the bottom of the three that were to the right of the COVER PHOTO. And guess who was the actual COVER PHOTO? The talent-less Kardashian trash. That says it all to me !

  13. eurodishco says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Yes it is true — and terribly sad. Where I live there is a channel (Retro TV), that broadcasts some good old shows (Kojak for one), but I cannot stand the commercials. So, I guess is a good alternative. It is incredible the level of stupidity on television that people seem to like and “appreciate” nowadays. The other day, I was at the supermarket check out lane, and I saw the cover of People magazine. There I discovered that one of the best (cont.)

  14. medicred8 says:

    a mans type of show..

  15. alphaecho100 says:

    This was the best Starsky & Hutch theme tune

  16. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @eurodishco I think a lot of us feel this way. But I’ve always heard when any product starts going down the tubes, whether it be entertainment, light bulbs, toilet paper or whatever just follow the dollar. These Hollywood idiots nowadays are making a fortune on poorly written and poorly produced junk. And they’re still making money hand over fist because sponsors are paying for their ads to be aired every few minutes during the show. I’ve gotten to where I watch the good ol shows on

  17. eurodishco says:

    @ridgerunner721601 In total agreement with your views! I’ve also read such comments like those you mentioned. People do seem to be tired of all this garbage. I am one of them and I can see you are too! This tells me there are some people with common sense left in this world — but are we in the minority?

  18. westfield90 says:

    I so loved this show. Have great memories of my childhood

  19. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @eurodishco You’re absolutely right. And I think a lot of us feel that way too. I’ve heard too many people besides either of us, both in person and on youtube type opinions complaining about the garbage coming out of Hollywood nowadays. Unfortunately, Hollywood keeps on cranking out low class garbage mainly because it’s cheaper to produce than the older shows that were written better and with better acting and none of that stupid computer generated mess.

  20. eurodishco says:

    @ridgerunner721601 (cont.), and filled with special effects that take away from any and all possible plot. Computer generated everything. And those atrocious comedies (romantic as they calle them), are simply vulgar and pathetic. I guess that is why I no longer watch regular television and I stay away from new movies (except independent film, foreign films with substance).

  21. eurodishco says:

    @ridgerunner721601 I agree and actually I have my theory about why this is so nowadays . . . but everything has turned so vulgar, low, pathetic. Reality shows are disgusting and low; television sitcoms are incredibly stupid and vulgar too and not at all funny. And television police dramas or medical drama, etc. are so overly DRAMATIC and violent that they leave nothing to the imagination. That is besides their bad acting. Then there are the movies: every time more fantastical and (cont.)

  22. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @eurodishco You and me both. Nowadays it seems that all of these so called writers care about is who can include the most vulgar language. And there’s no real plot to any of these shows either now. No acting either. They just go pick up whoever they can find on the street and call it a “reality” show.

  23. kurtb8474 says:

    @ridgerunner721601 Plus, David had a small speaking part on Star Trek in the episode “The Apple.”

  24. kurtb8474 says:

    I could never figure out why they dumped the first season theme music for that pathetic music they replaced it with! The theme for the first season was the best. It was edgy and exciting and is still cool to this day. The music they used in season 2 and beyond was a terrible and, unfortunately, is more identifiable with the series these days.

  25. scudo1905 says:

    just a pitty that the torino didnt really have that engine tone and four speed manual box .

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