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Starski And Hutch TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1975

Tough Starsky and educated Hutch are plainclothes cops taking on dope dealers, muggers and other thugs, aided by their red 1974 Torino and informant Huggy Bear. Both bachelors’ private lives play as interweaving threads in the drama. Paul Michael Glaser David Soul Antonio Fargas Bernie Hamilton
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25 Responses to “Starski And Hutch TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1975”

  1. FreeBlago1 says:

    :58 Seventies version of Pookie from New Jack City!

  2. FreeBlago1 says:

    :32 that sweater must weigh 90kilos wet!

  3. SmartZOMBIEbug says:

    damn, season one opening theme is kinda dark lol, season’s 2 “Gotcha” FTW!

  4. ZerlinHits says:

    Nice work. Click on my channel to see my 80′s nostalgic collections; “80′s TV Show Openings”, “80′s Saturday Morning Cartoons”, “80′s WWF Wrestling” and a “John Hughes Tribute”.

  5. kdemonde says:

    Watched this every week religiously on ch 7 WABC in New York when i was a kid

  6. kdemonde says:

    I’d rather have that Lincoln Continental

  7. DukeNukem1011 says:

    i like the other theme better

  8. shimokita2 says:

    WOW! – ’70s kitsch at its finest.

    And kind of “gay” in some spots, too.

  9. stillonly35cents says:

    Both David Soul and Paul M. Glaser have said that they hated using their car for the entire run of the series, because they knew it was a scene-stealer. It ALWAYS got the most attention anytime it was on screen. The producers might as well have given it an actor’s name as “That Torino” in the opening credits.

  10. demonkai76 says:

    gotta love the facial pauses lol

  11. johnpopes says:

    so they were being chased and then decided to just stop and arrest the dudes chasing them?

  12. mpjgbx says:

    Brock Landers and Chest Rockwell LOL

  13. crysjumar1 says:

    @curtisjones400 Oh, I know. I had one and it was very nice. But it was bulky and very warm.

  14. eurodishco says:

    @kurtb8474 I did not know about his FB page. Will check it out. Living in Miami Beach
    back in the 80′s allowed me not just to have fun but to meet (if not briefly), quite a few people that were
    popular in the 70′s and 80′s and whose shows I used to watch as a kid and teen, ncluding PMG, David Soul and of course both Miami Vice main characters (also Olivia Brown and Saundra Santiago). Nice times!

  15. curtisjones400 says:

    @crysjumar1 The sweater that Starsky was wearing was very popular back in the 70′s-it might look a little girly but a lot of men wore those sweaters-to me its always looked to girly -especailly for a cop to be wearing

  16. macroevolve says:

    Nice red&white Torino

  17. AusJackal says:

    Did you know David Sole actually hurt his back doing that car roof stunt?

  18. AusJackal says:

    @Eddie62070 thanks mate… =D

  19. Aeolis7 says:


  20. Eddie62070 says:

    @AusJackal actually 3 completely different ones….season 4′s theme was a re-vamp of season 2′s

  21. payasovic68 says:

    Did David Soul crack his spine in that stunt or did I just imagine I heard that?(0;47)

    This is the best theme for the series ,not that crap they used from series 2 on.

  22. AZ094243 says:

    The game is awesome

  23. AusJackal says:

    if my memory serves me S&H actually had 2 different theme songs!

  24. kurtb8474 says:

    @eurodishco I believe it. He is on Facebook.

  25. buffaloborn71 says:

    haha i like how the car stops at the end and just blows up….lol

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