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Stargate Universe SGU Finale Gauntlet Season two Episode 20 S02E20 Part 1

Stargate Universe SGU Finale Gauntlet Season two Episode 20 S02E20 Part 1

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25 Responses to “Stargate Universe SGU Finale Gauntlet Season two Episode 20 S02E20 Part 1”

  1. ActuallyLiam says:

    @Niche79 Funny enough they had all the sets up at the start of filming of SGU in 2009. Icarus Base was actually the SGC set with sections removed and a redressing. Atlantis was up until 2010 when they built the bridge and several other sets for SGU. So it’s only been a year or two. But in the beginning of 2009 SGC, Atlantis and Destiny were all up together on different sound-stages for a short time.

  2. Genukie says:

    @Warpath2198 Blame your mum for not swallowing

  3. Clickyable says:

    @puppysayswoof I think the blue aliens were supposed to the threat. Since they can travel through galaxies and were obsessed with Destiny to follow it.

    The Lucian Alliance seemed more like a secondary nemesis/quasi ally. Like the Genii where in early SGA. Their attempted takeover of Destiny was a lot like the Genii siege of Atlantis with the pulsar being like the storm.

  4. puppysayswoof says:

    @Clickyable I don’t disagree with what you said but I think they should have created a credible threat in the new galaxy, wherever they were, instead of rehashing old plot lines.

  5. Clickyable says:

    @puppysayswoof On SG1 they were played for laughs and to have someone for Mitchell to pun at like O’Neil used to do with Jaffa as well as their theiving made it possible to use leftover cargo ship sets.

    Of course Universe did make them a credible threat, that could blow up planets, infiltrate earth govermens and carry out suicide bombings etc. Even giving them a backstory that was hinted at during their first SG appearance. Though it seems a bit much to go thru for 3 new recurring characters.

  6. puppysayswoof says:

    The lucian alliance were never a credible threat, introducing them to this show was another mistake.

  7. Warpath2198 says:

    @Genukie Blame the shit show and its poor ratings.

  8. merjil9 says:

    stargate universe certainly has improved since its beginning

  9. Genukie says:

    @lordguardian3 no…. blame syfy for cancelling

  10. HYNKZL says:

    Help´╗┐ Save Stargate as a whole by joining the facebook page SaveSGUAgain!

  11. lordguardian3 says:

    The guy who wrote the script for SGU is a douche bag!
    there goes my favorite, actually the only sci-fi show i ever loved….. :’(

  12. Niche79 says:

    @pardusian141 duh really….after years they would still have it up…tard.

  13. oneirishpoet says:

    I’m not the biggest sci-fi geek in the world but I LOVE this show. hate to see it end!

  14. pardusian141 says:

    @murphyld66 I don’t think you understand that their is not going to BE another stargate show.

  15. pardusian141 says:


  16. pardusian141 says:

    @Niche79 SG1 and SGA are never coming back. The sets have been dissasembled for starters.

  17. pardusian141 says:

    @01000001011100100111 Now that is true.

  18. 01000001011100100111 says:

    @Niche79 SGU was far superior to SGA, Atlantis was a children’s cartoon by comparison.

  19. Niche79 says:

    Now if they would just bring back SG1 or Atlantis, they were far superior to SGU. More fun and thrills, thats what the true SG fan wants. They tried at the end but stared off so bad that they lost their fanbase. Shortest SG ever! Syfy writers, LEARN from your mistakes!

  20. KarelYalek says:

    SYFY over

  21. Kingrex16 says:

    Dude you are so awesome. I freaking love you, i love your mother for giving birth to you, i love your grandmother for giving birth to your mother. And so on and so forth.

  22. Alankpb says:


  23. Rihn000 says:

    Stargate universe needs to continue! this is the greatest show ever! why would syfy cancel a show of such high quality?

  24. MrRick5690 says:

    done with the SYFY channel…….

  25. MrRick5690 says:

    @Wowatcher09 thank you from Americans in India

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