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Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2009

Stargate Studios’ ( ) Virtual Backlot Reel 2009. Music “Lion Heart” by Emancipator
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2009”

  1. lrobertson says:

    Anyone know what show/movie the Russia scenes were from?

  2. whome2473 says:

    @n8dogg87 What you mean that little black box in my living room doesnt show me future of mankind and how they bring the galaxy together 45 minutes at a time. Shit! Ive been duped!

  3. n8dogg87 says:

    @whome2473 It just seems weird that you would feel disappointed that the backgrounds in a fictional television show weren’t real.

    PS, in the Star Trek, the actors weren’t really in a huge space ship.

  4. whome2473 says:

    @n8dogg87 i was just saying….

  5. GlitchesofWar says:

    2:00 – 24, Jack Bauer.

  6. crowebear87 says:

    Nice, thumbs up just for emancipator

  7. WilliamIndyFan says:

    Fucking tards at Grey’s Anatomy didn’t really blow a ship up… Sad.

  8. Abdurahman1234567890 says:

    this is amazing stuff!

  9. n8dogg87 says:

    @stezbot No, not really. Think about how much money would be needed to pay the city licensing fees, as well as the effort involved with blocking off city blocks and disrupting the lives of the people living and commuting in that area. Films can do it, but television shows have to mete out their budget across a whole season of episodes, and all that money and trouble isn’t worth it when all you need is two dudes walking down the street.

  10. n8dogg87 says:

    @whome2473 Does it really matter?

  11. ChrisAstro30 says:


  12. hotabich2008 says:

    that was epic

  13. EviLAOM says:


  14. mecieTech says:

    wtf? that1s awesome

  15. SianaGearz says:

    @xvidzzz Sometimes they do. Costs for Sin City and 300 were kept down nicely that way, and sci-fi TV series use this extensively. It’s the question of cost and quality. Full HD needs much more precise work than SDTV or 720p, and costs a lot more. Theatric, with 4 times the resolution of Full HD, ends up costing another order of magnitude more, and there are still giveaways when something isn’t real.

  16. SianaGearz says:

    @djsanderdj Oh that’s set extension, nothing fancy, no reflective or refractive surfaces, the complete extension is distant. If all they need there is one or two settings, it’s a very cheap and reasonable thing to do. A real location of such scenery might be hard to access or expensive to scout, and you need to put a car and a crew out there…

  17. yourtubenetwork says:

    1. PASSWORD disappears because of electricity.
    2. Goose barks
    3. Microsoft vs. ghost

    … plus lots of green screen stuff

    Visit my channel.

  18. djnoreg says:

    @panduski probs nuke

  19. djnoreg says:


  20. romanovj1 says:

    Just amazing to see how it is done …

  21. HamdiOmar says:

    Hey guys !
    Check out my green screen movie, it’s on my channel !
    Hope you’ll appreciate it :D

  22. felix194 says:

    the best thing music !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. alsa7err says:

    And now you know whatever you see in TV is just a lie

  24. JPoncet09 says:

    So,, being a viewer is better than be an actor ^^

  25. NotQuiteLucid says:

    @ArtFlunky It depresses people because the truth is that this technology can and probably is being used to conceal lies. The truth is, people are more willing to bullshit than they are willing to just be real.

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