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Stargate movie trailer

The original trailer for the Stargate movie. Starring James Spader, Kurt Russel and Jaye Davidson.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Stargate movie trailer”

  1. Erinsfsef says:

    this year this is my best movie.just watched it online on boorek and it is good movie

  2. FpsGameMaster91 says:

    @AnonymousPanacea SG1 mate thats the best

  3. EpIcAw3sOm3NiNjA says:

    Ahhh wat an awesome moovieee!!!!!

  4. 18karan says:

    watch?v=g9N_ck7Ds6A this is a lost really good stargate soundtrack

  5. 01000001011100100111 says:

    @dinonemesis SGU was better, IMO.

  6. dinonemesis says:

    @01000001011100100111 what do you mean SGU > SGA, atlantins was fucking awesome

  7. free2bhealthy says:

    Try stargate meditation.

  8. Dioxholster says:

    little did we know back then that it would spawn 3 tv shows lasting 15 years.

  9. RFPegasus says:

    wow I forgot how old that movie was. Stargate makes part of our history. Who would guess that so many would be in love with that. We are millions all over the world. We are the people that spend money to go to the movies, but even like that, they don´t care about us. It makes me mad to see the series cancelled. Atlantis had so many years to come. And SGU was just about to get finally good. Depressing.

  10. PaigeJoyc says:


  11. SoundtechJ says:

    join the fight to save stargate on facebook, its been growing with thousands of followers each day… SAVE STARGATE UNIVERSE and lets show SYFAIL that they can’t replace good television with wrestling and cooking shows

  12. northriver115 says:

    join Save Stargate Universe on Facebook

  13. AnonymousPanacea says:

    @mupp33n What does one have to do with the other?

  14. mupp33n says:

    @AnonymousPanacea And yet is cancelled.

  15. kamos105 says:

    This is what happened to Eli the morning he got beamed up :
    8 AM – “So, which clothes should i use today? Mhm I won’t be getting out today so I will use the ones mom hasn’t washed for 7 days. They aren’t comfi they are ichy and I feel awful in them but I won’t be wearing them for more than a day”…

  16. SpyengoEen says:

    I sooooo agree with you. So sad SGU ended yesterday, now Stargate is DEAD :(

  17. stuknot01 says:

    @01000001011100100111 SG1>SGA>SGU

  18. stargatenewrace says:

    hey guys check this lost stargate sg-1 aost out watch?v=g9N_ck7Ds6A

  19. jasperwes says:

    @01000001011100100111 SG-1->SGA->SGU ;)

  20. yesmylord1889 says:

    @Colliecool Ra真是美得令人心碎( TAT )~~~~我也去做奴隸好了~~~神啊~~~~~

  21. Colliecool says:

    是啊! 還有他的Anubis侍衛 ! ! ! !

  22. robiejoe says:

    Kurt Russell’s best movie!

  23. TypicalJoe1900 says:

    @italy2500 Independence Day is one of the best sci fi films ever made! “WELCOME TO EARTH!” “Now that’s what I call a close encounter.”

  24. obankobi says:

    @01000001011100100111 I completely agree with all of my heart and soul.

  25. yesmylord1889 says:


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