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Star Trek Vs. Battlestar Galactica

What if the Galactica located Earth in the 23rd Century and unfortunately they need to trespass via Klingon space!!!!!! And of course the galactic geek question: “Who would win if the Enterprise fought the Galactica?” In the final year or so there’s been some interesting and bizarre debates about the “who would win?” So here’s Bobby Diablo’s Galactic Geek ground guidelines for this scenario taking location in DC Crisis Earth Universe 66.five: Section A: Battlestar Galactica 1) Quit referencing the new version of Galactica. No bullets on these old school ships: Lasers & Missiles had been established in the original show. The timeline of when the show occurs was sort of established by Galactica 1980, a 2nd version of the show Universal Studios is trying to forget about and so are we. 2) Quite few Galactica ships can go past Light Speed. (See: The Lengthy Patrol episode: recon viper) The Galactica was established at a max of Light speed. 3) Size wise, according to the show and show’s bible then: the warship is about three miles long. Thats a lot of 800 year old Colonial tin and rusted pipes. Must be pretty damn durable. Union labour built? 4) Power source: was established as Tylenium fuel, and shes a plasma gas guzzler. Section B) Star Trek (mostly old school) 5) In the episodes the Enterprise often battled at sublight. The Klingons reasoning I guess, is they like to see the “terror of thier enemies eyes” thru the windows. 6) Shields. In DS9 the Jem H’dar pounded the hell out of the Federation
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25 Responses to “Star Trek Vs. Battlestar Galactica”

  1. coindude54902 says:

    you guys realize, its just a video, right? Quit arguing, shut the heck up, and just watch the damn thing. It’s not a bad splice, better than all those morons who film video games. words from a man older than Star trek

  2. USSVoyager5 says:

    The Klingons ship amar is a ktinga battlecruiser not a bird of prey

  3. Idazmi7 says:

    @CatsRuleDogsAreTards In The Balance of Terror, the Enterprise withstands a nuke.

  4. MadMax74656 says:

    i like it.

  5. dreamwarrior2008 says:

    I personally, would love to see the 90 minute version of this. As I am a huge sci-fi fan.
    Is there any way you could send me a copy of it?

  6. bobbydiablo says:

    Dear scifi friends: it’s amazing how much fans don’t pay attention to any particular shows chronology or ” universal rules” / details of that particular show. The 2 biggest things I’ve noticed is fans confusing old BSG with new BSG. (old BSG had turbo lasers & missles- new BSG bullets & missles)- Old Trek was set 78 years BEFORE TNG Trek , so it’s kind of pointless to continually referencing Picard, Borg when referring to Kirk’s 23rd Century Trek tech.

  7. NANOFORGE says:

    @postalmeter “lasers won’t even penetrate nav-shields.” Then explain why Picard was afraid to take the Enteprise into a warzone with ships that were armed with Laser weapons, also could you explain how the Borg managed to cut a chunk out of the Enterprise-D using a laser. Federation ships are not 100% immune to lasers, thinking otherwise is idiotic. A Laser is nothing but a beam of photons, aka light which is basicly energy. Hell Picard even ordered full power to sheilds to block a laser weapon.

  8. bobbydiablo says:

    @aradioactivedonut: the reference was to Galactica:1980 which was the 2nd version of the show. The 3rd version was 2003 BSG on Sci-fi. & from what I’ve heard from some fans of the show they weren’t to thrilled about the last few seasons. As for Universal I’m sure they were very happy about the 3rd version as they profited from it and made the spinoff series Caprica.

  9. aradioactivedonut says:

    “a 2nd version of the show Universal Studios is trying to forget about and so are we.” Are you saying you disliked the re-imagined series?

  10. SimsonSchwalbenPilot says:

    good cut

  11. kzoodata says:

    That was confusing. Although I liked the end credits, those were fun.

  12. demnlordd666 says:

    @pynipple fore real that is an awesome idea. I mean they already did all the mashups of the horror movies in a comical setting. why not a scify oneor 7 of em so many to flip together and easy to cg most of the action so no modles to be built. I mean shoot ea could even throw in stargate with star wars and star treck battle star galactica, basically all the star any thing movies

  13. postalmeter says:

    Trek shields are both gravitic (deflectors) and electromagnetic (force-fields), meaning that they basically make the beams MISS, while very little if any energy is absorbed by the shield.
    In The Motion Picture, we saw the Enteprise-refit’s new shields stand up to a weapon that completely wiped out three K’ting-class battle-cruisers; lasers won’t even penetrate nav-shields.

  14. Perion says:

    @Willsr14 Trek shields are notoriously vulnerable to kinetic impacts, like all the random ramming that goes on.

  15. TheRealArchAngel says:

    “they have´╗┐ shields, and phasers, and even photon torpedos. And all galactica has is bullets”
    All that plates on Glactical is Armor (which is why “deathsqads” of Cylone fighters had to fly into the hanger bay and basically shoot up everything from the inside before the Kamakazi explosion hopefully taking out the battlestar’s main reactor)
    They have (bad cgi) Phasers and those Missles (6:11) can pack a Nuclear or high explosive warhead for taking out large space stations

  16. Willsr14 says:

    @alienwaretechguy ‘Bullets’? their Viper’s and Turrets use rounds much larger than what ‘bullet’s are made out to be. And some of the turrets use shells that either explode at a range to destroy fighters or penetrate hulls, which is where a Star Trek ship would be in trouble. I’d put it up to about three BSG battlestars to one ST cruiser. yeah, photon torpedos and phasers would destroy a battlestar, but that doesn’t mean a Cruiser’s sheilds wouldn’t fall to enough ‘bullets’.

  17. This1sS0Stup1d says:

    Oh you nerds. Golly that’s adorable. :D

  18. Apsu72 says:

    That was good.

  19. CatsRuleDogsAreTards says:

    I want to see new BSG vs. new (Nemesis era) Star Trek. :P

  20. CatsRuleDogsAreTards says:

    @alienwaretechguy Bullets help. I want to see a Starfleet ship withstand a nuke.

  21. alienwaretechguy says:

    star trek would win
    they have shields, and phasers, and even photon torpedos. And all galactica has is bullets

  22. likestallwomen says:

    @EaglesStrike910 Cylon’s wouldn’t show mercy though!

  23. terrywest111 says:

    @knighttemplar6 I don’t even wanna know… lol. They would probably become an even greater menace than either two alone.

  24. terrywest111 says:

    @NANOFORGE You recall correctly… however, you didn’t didn’t see it correctly. Q only let Sisko hit him because he was toying with him… I think it was to teach Sisko something, as he always does with humans.

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