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Star Trek TOS Cutting Room Floor Clippings

Star Trek TOS Cutting Room Floor Clippings

Image by The Rocketeer
Packing for a move and reducing clutter, I came across an old envelope I got in November of 1974 that contained some film clippings from Star Trek episodes sold to me by Lincoln Enterprises. They make a nice souvenir from the original series. I’m glad I scraped together the cash to get these when I was 14yrs old…

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7 Responses to “Star Trek TOS Cutting Room Floor Clippings”

  1. mister wombat says:


  2. Mystery 770 says:

    very nice. We insist on scans..

  3. w9jim says:

    Let’s see, you were 14 in 1974, so that makes you…

    Holy Smokes, I’m older than you!

  4. The Rocketeer says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys!

    I have the best of these mounted in slide frames and they can be seen in my Star Trek set, Mystery 770…

    Jim, I’m quickly catching up with you…

  5. Derek Jackson says:

    Cool Find

  6. modern_fred says:

    I had many of these, I think I ordered several at least twice. I gave them to a college girlfriend who never returned them. She also made off with all of my Lou Reed LPs… ah, the fortunes of young love

  7. earthpages says:

    Very cool! Thanks for the ccl; I’ve blogged this here:…

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