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Star Trek: Initial Battle of Deep Space 9

Watch in High Quality First Battle of Deep Space 9 Portion of the Federation-Klingon War (2372-73) Date: 2372 Location: Deep Space 9 Result: Federation victory, Withdrawal of Klingon forces from Bajoran space Belligerents: United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire Notable commanders: Benjamin Sisko, Gowron, Martok (Changeling) Strength: United Federation of Planets 1 Space station 6 ships, which includes 1 Galaxy-class, 1 Miranda-class vessel and 2+ Excelsior-class ships Klingon Empire 50+ Klingon vessels Casualties and losses: United Federation of Planets, none Klingon Empire, 8+
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Star Trek: Initial Battle of Deep Space 9”

  1. youneekk says:

    Harold Camping was RIGHT about May 21, click on my channel to see…

  2. hened911 says:

    @mattsmt20 He was being replaced off and on by the changling infiltrator.

  3. AltataAlcatraz says:

    all right the dynamics of Star Trek space combat still elude me, some times It seems to resemble a form of WWI Fleet engagement, sometimes a bit like fighter combat with extremely agile ships, and at times It is just two ship face to face slugging It out with out much movement.

  4. DrMabuse2006 says:

    The startrek hand 2 hand fight scenes where always terrible.

  5. TheVoiceOfReason93 says:


    They don’t need one to kick asses

  6. tremedar says:

    @STNeish Was this before or after he got turned into a human? O_o

  7. tremedar says:

    @danjosmcm Except that’s not Cardassian weaponry, that’s the best the Federation has to offer and alot of it. They were beefing up the station to handle an attack from the Dominion, so obviously it’s going to kick some serious ass.

  8. SungStarr says:


  9. Waterflux says:

    This one is among the best Trek episodes. The Trek genre usually stays away from portraying violence involving thousands of people, with the exception of this one and several others in DS9. Indulging in mayhem and kick-ass moments feels rather refreshing! :D

  10. TheVoiceOfReason93 says:

    Yeah, Garak and the other guy vs 10+ Klingons!!

  11. troyauthor says:

    The Klingons are better fighters than THAT

  12. mattsmt20 says:

    What gets me is at this time and for a little after Galron seems very focused and clear but later he goes completely bat shit sending out suicide missions I dont like the route they took with him

  13. atomikus37 says:

    if I was Odo, I would shape shift into a crazy wild alien beast with armor and just maul the klingons

  14. Jerkwad152 says:

    That’s true, she said that. But I don’t think he’d have challenged the man if he didn’t have a shot at winning.

  15. rax989 says:

    @Jerkwad152 Strange. Always thought they were stronger. Vulcans are definitely stronger, although my only source is that Sisqo’s girlfriend said that he was foolish to challenge a Vulcan to a wrestling match since they are 3 times stronger. But then, it’s been years since I’ve watched this show.

  16. Jerkwad152 says:

    Well, if you look at on-screen feats of strength, Klingons don’t appear to be any stronger than humans. Picard beats up at least three whenever he sets foot on the Klingon homeworld. Worf is an exception, but he’s a master of the Klingon equivalent of kung fu as well, and obviously lifts a lot of weights. :)
    As for Vulcans, they would seem to be about 40% stronger, with the exception of Spock, who seems to be about 600% stronger according to the episode where he bent that metal pipe.

  17. rax989 says:

    @Jerkwad152 Really? I know that the Vulcans are 2 or 3 times stronger than humans, but I didn’t expect the Klingons as strong as humans.

  18. Jerkwad152 says:

    Only Worf seems to be stronger than humans. Klingons seem to be about the same, only they really like to fight.

  19. Anarchist86ed says:

    @tf2whackyengineer It was Martok, but it was a changeling.

  20. tf2whackyengineer says:

    Lol at Gowron’s eyes right before he cuts communication.

    By the way, who was the Klingon next to Gowron? It looked kind of like Martok, but Martok was generally a lot wiser and knew how to pick his battles better than Gowron.

  21. atomikus37 says:

    @Darthbelal if you hold down the trigger on a phaser it become a light saber

  22. rax989 says:

    Klingons are supposed to be far stronger than humans, and yet here they are getting whooped by a girl. A girl that got

  23. danjosmcm says:

    This is my all-time favorite battle scene out of all the 5 Star Trek series. Not only do you see the crew fighting for their very lives, but you also (for the first time) see an old Cardassion Space Station’s weapondry at it’s best.Go Sisko…

  24. lieutenantValera says:

    I remember this being so huge when it first came out!! This isn’t CG at all guys, all epic model work. Crops to the Visual effects teams that work on Star Trek, y’all are awesome!

  25. EdwardElric193 says:

    anyone else here think “HELL YEAH” when all those additional hidden weapons started sliding out of panels on the hull?

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