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Star Trek: How It Really should Have Ended

Space…the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, and this is how Star Trek really should have ended! Check out our web site for cool extras: How It Should Have Ended Comedy Series Star Trek Sci Fi Action Animation Animated
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25 Responses to “Star Trek: How It Really should Have Ended”

  1. MRNUBNUB525 says:

    did anyone notice that the black woman is wearing a red shirt and is still alive…..

  2. RockyBalboa211 says:

    Doesn’t Scotty wear a “red shirt”?

  3. 420Rockerman69 says:

    umm, wasnt that chick wearing a red shirt?

  4. supergsx says:

    @yebetrollin Plus, the very act of pushing them out the back would create an equal and opposite force, pushing you in the opposite direction… Regardless, you would need a hell of a lot of red shirts.

  5. Mingie12 says:

    Well, I thought they did a rather spiffing job in the original story anyway. At least they didn’t get obliterated by Darth.

  6. DazDerDey says:

    I agree with yebe in top comments, a black hole is just a gravity catastrophy, and gravity pulls things that weigh, ejecting things out the ship makes it lighter to ease some pressure off the engines and give the black hole less to pull on, however it is still not enough, black holes are powerful enough to pull light into it, so you must be traveling pritty darn fast to escape a black hole, as it sucks in everything apart from hawkings radiation.

  7. TheJassiey says:

    “we are steel caught een a graveetational puhl” lol

  8. iRuvHateMair says:

    [yebetrollin] in other words, a black hole uses gravitation to pull things in so weight or mass does infact matter.

  9. TheKingNemesis says:

    Anyone else notice the only red shirt NOT shot off the ship was the black chick?

  10. uuboy13 says:

    @yebetrollin Wow… except you would sound even more smart if you spelt black HOLE right!

  11. viewer8D says:

    Star Wars win :D

  12. Gildorwolf says:

    Spock is hot

  13. timebandit754 says:

    @BassJunkeyz I think he meant “jettison anyone wearing a red shirt who’s not a main character”

  14. timebandit754 says:

    We have no rescue………!

  15. raphezir says:

    Try to make some sense? Would have made it not authentic. There was no sense in the movie. Why should there be any in the “How it should have ended”?
    If the movie had made sense, the Enterprise would have been pulled in the black whole in the second they ejected the warp core.

  16. derrickkkk2000 says:

    1:43 there was a red shirt

  17. Foxrockensox says:


  18. StruckByThunder343 says:

    479 people are going to get a lot of crap for that.

  19. scriblemaker says:

    @yebetrollin actually F=mg is only applicable on earth since g is the acceleration caused by earth’s gravity (aprox. 10m/sxs) you mean F=ma

  20. ursa0607 says:

    @yebetrollin True. Not to forget the fact that black hole pulls objects inside due to it’s massive gravitational force – and gravity is a force that’s stronger the heavier the mass of BOTH objects is. So yeah, dropping some weight would help… but only theoretically :-)

  21. DanMGil says:

    Defeated by the Death Star.

    Darth Vader is awesome.

  22. BassJunkeyz says:

    1:02 – Why is she still alive? She’s wearing a red shirt too?

  23. NikkiDaebak says:

    hahahahaha LMFAOOOO!!!!
    Darth Vader ftw!!!

  24. chuk997 says:

    add me or els you will have bad luck

  25. JiS01 says:

    The lamest ‘How It Should Have Ended’ EVER, wtfff for crap was that? At least TRY to make some sense okayyy!!

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