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star trek deep space nine season 6 extras Nana Visitor Kira Nerys & Gul Dukat

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25 Responses to “star trek deep space nine season 6 extras Nana Visitor Kira Nerys & Gul Dukat”

  1. gorantrevise says:

    “Don’t you feel better? I do.” Haha, he is such an asshole.

  2. 1977Melville says:

    Nana is in Torchwood: Miracle Day. I don’t know who she is playing.

  3. LADYESCHER says:

    Gul Duka; You love to hate him.

  4. rocawayman says:

    @orliluvr1432 Yes, but I have always understood the ending to be Sisko going to be with the prophets for about a year and then returning to DS9. But we never see that.

  5. caitlindoteiza says:

    It’s a shame that Dukat and the mirror Kira never met. I’m sure that would have been a very scary duo.

  6. 913SGTE says:

    This is where TOS and TNG lost me. I found no closure to a story told. That is where Voyager and DS9 succeeded. You knew from the very start what the mission was and what the end would be about. Voyagers mission was to get home, they did, crippling the Borg; destroying the Borg Queen as a further reward. DS9’s mission, to induct Bajorans into the Federation battling prejudice resistance, saving humanity and the existence of 2 quadrants of species from annihilation. DS9 was the best Trek of all!

  7. thulcandra1975 says:

    Just call it what it is.. he had a Bajoran fetish… Lovers with Kira’s mom… Ziyal was half Bajoran… altering himself to look Bajoran and having an affair with Kai Winn… the psychology is spot on.. That’s why I loved DS9

  8. mbp5125 says:

    Hey Guys type “Gift” before YOUTUBE, then press enter

  9. orliluvr1432 says:

    @corbinmichael123 Nah I liked it the way it was. Damar’s fate was meant for him. I think Dukat’s end was what he deserved, it’s just too bad Sisko had to go over the cliff with him.

  10. Misacek011 says:

    @FrakkinToasterLuvva cont.
    (…) Now that’s not your stereotypical Star Trek villain, and that’s why DS9′s always had a rather special place in the Trek part of my heart.

  11. Misacek011 says:

    That’s what makes the show stand out – if Dukat was just plain old evil, the character wouldn’t be worth squat. Dukat could have been the hero he envisioned himself as if only he stopped doing things for that purpose and started doing them for reasons that actually matter (like his family, his people, his honor, and all the other stuff he left by the wayside).

  12. corbinmichael123 says:

    @orliluvr1432 Yeah! Dukat was AWESOME!!! Gotta admit though. Didn’t like the direction they took his character (though it made for an AWESOME ending). I always felt Damar’s fate should have been his. But that’s just me.

  13. orliluvr1432 says:

    @corbinmichael123 well I’m sure you know what I mean. He wasn’t himself. He didn’t even know it. And it doesn’t change the fact that he’s still quite a strong character. I feel quite sorry him sometimes

  14. provenelk says:

    Isnt true evil, evil in the name of good?

  15. corbinmichael123 says:

    @orliluvr1432 For awhile? I don’t think he ever really came out of it.

  16. akatsukicat77 says:

    @Quessir he was a well made villan

  17. hcvang says:

    @Quessir Great character indeed… we’re made to hate him from the onset, to loathe his guts because of his evil deeds, his seemingly evil demeanor, but a couple of seasons in, we see different sides of the man. A lonely, desperate soul striking out at people he thinks are his enemies when they could be his allies, making wrong decisions in failed attempts to better his life, misunderstood loyalties towards his people, etc.

  18. LouigiVerona says:

    @FrakkinToasterLuvva Yes, I like how you formulated it. Indeed, he did not deserve forgiveness because he never admitted his guilt. He never really asked for forgiveness, he asked for justification of his actions.

  19. AngelDame17 says:

    Just think about that. He Slept with Kira’s Mom and then Decided to hit on Kira.

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww Dukat’s a Nasty old Man. DX

  20. burnstagger says:

    I agree she was hot but that hairstyle on the character has to go.

  21. 101101101777 says:

    She really looks like she’s wearing a jacket and no shirt :)

  22. BlueCrystalGem says:

    @Sarc37 I don’t see Garak, you must be mistaken.

  23. ImStillBlind says:

    @Quessir the books are not cannon. not one

  24. IRONMAIDENFAN2006 says:

    @Superapeaholic up the irons.. hail from the usa

  25. Superapeaholic says:

    @IRONMAIDENFAN2006 hhaha..she is major hot… oh and up the irons !!!

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