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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Sacrifice of Angels

Now with “humorous” annotations! :P (if you do not like them, you can often turn them off -)) Alright, so here’s the deal… the old internet-hosting web site that I utilized to upload the video had the annoying habit of deleting my files if I didn’t log in to said web site in a given quantity of time. Sorry if I left all you guys hanging. Nevertheless, I’ve uploaded it to another sharing website that does not delete files, and it really should be up there for a while. Now, this link should work. ) OK. That need to work… really should… — My very first “genuine” music video. Clips from the DS9 episode “Sacrifice of Angels”. It is basically a battle montage. Oh, I really should have mentioned the name of the song I utilized, and a lot of you have asked. Sorry about that. The song goes by several names, the much better-recognized 1 getting “Lux Aeterna” used in the movie Requiem for a dream. It was composed by Clint Mansell. Hope that helps. :)
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25 Responses to “Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Sacrifice of Angels”

  1. scrawnywhiteguys says:


    Picard really doesn’t come off as a large scale combat tactician, except where it applies to the Borg though.

  2. CmdrofNine says:

    IDK. to me Captain Janeway was the risk taker. but then again when your away from home you do things differently. Starfleet knew if the Jem’hadar reinforcement got through the worm hole then all was lost. So they needed to put all the chips down. The Alpha quadrant got lucky because of the prophets and Sisko.

  3. tleshuk says:

    @centurion205 would that be because Picard would “draw the line HERE! this far, no farther!” lol

  4. sagien says:

    @Forlo12345 hahah so did I. I refer to that scene as the Klingon T-Bone. Classic.

  5. fourtysevenblog says:


  6. theweaz says:

    @mmarko001s You’ve obviously never watched much of Star Trek Deep Space Nine? Nog(the ferengi) makes a great addition to Star Fleet.

  7. MikuHatsune10728 says:

    Saving this for the Annotations xD

  8. mmarko001s says:

    lol ferengi on crew. how the hell did they join

  9. brooklyn560 says:

    @centurion205 Picard was an OK combat officer but Sisko was an exceptional often did Picard use his tactical brilliance to successfully out fight a superior enemy?Sisko did it all the time.Picard feared the thought of facing more then 1 enemy ship,Picard lost to 3 birds of pray? Sisko in the same Galaxy class would have taken on those 3 ships as warm up. Sometimes in war, your best fighter’s place is not always on the front lines, other time you have him in command of DS9.

  10. EhlixVanity23 says:


  11. Gladosayx says:

    Way to ruin an epic scene with overused music and “lame” annotations.

  12. timelordaeon1 says:

    @zzxcvb98 there where 9 defiant class starships. two where uss defiant

  13. Forlo12345 says:

    I laughed my ass off at 2:22.

  14. csavellaneda says:

    In “Way of the Warrior” Chief O’Brien mentions that “They’ll build another Enterprise soon enough” in a conversation with Worf. That means that by the fifth season the events of ” Generations” had already occurred, so Picard may not have had a ship to command at the time, and could have been posted to an administrative/ strategic command position pending the construction of the Enterprise-E.

  15. centurion205 says:

    @chaliechan101 It’s been years since I’ve watched the full on episodes, so you could be correct. That particular invasions I don’t remember seeing.

  16. chaliechan101 says:

    @centurion205 Uhh I think you need to go back and watch “The Changing face of Evil” when The Breen join the dominon and attack Starfleet HQ… ON EARTH

  17. centurion205 says:

    @chaliechan101 But not on a huge, epic proportion. Yeah they had a few changlings make it, but as far as a widespread invasion fleet, no.

  18. chaliechan101 says:

    That damn song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. chaliechan101 says:

    @centurion205 You forget the dominon did make it to Earth

  20. ReiHinoSenshi says:

    No Shield Impacts @ all?

  21. CmdrofNine says:

    Miranda Class. even though the Miranda ships were upgraded with enhance shields and weaponry they are still the weakest ships. they are just old and even with upgrades they will take a beaten but wont hold out for long. Its just if you up grade an old 70 Honda to it max and you put it head to head with a new honda which honda do you beleive will hold out longer.

  22. Cessna1990 says:

    Original defiant was destroyed it was replaced with uss sao paolo renamed defiant. The other ship the valiant was destroyed

  23. JimmyJames81196 says:

    Miranda’s Rock why does every scene one blow up *No shields?*

  24. crashkey says:

    Still amazing.

  25. zzxcvb98 says:

    what. the uss defiant was destroyed. starfleet produced more of the class during and after the dominion war

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