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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Opening Intro (Season 6)

Another Beautiful Introduction To A Beautiful Series, Welcome Home (sorry about the sound, it seems sped up more than usual) All copyrights belongs to their respective owners
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Star Trek Deep Space Nine Opening Intro (Season 6)”

  1. floydaxxx says:

    i still remember when i cried at ds9 ending. this is so awesome, seems like its time for a rerun :)

  2. harlemboy413 says:

    @Hibbs4Prez what tv shows smh lol

  3. 267n100w says:

    This is the music that I liked the most of all Star Trek statements. Angels didn’t need space ships either, Captain Kirk… The original gemstone perfecction of the heavens where the light bearing creatures were motivated by the spiritual qualites of Love, Wisdom, Life, Glory, ..

  4. 267n100w says:

    This is the music that I liked the most of all Star Trek statements. Angels didn’t need space ships…

  5. 267n100w says:

    This is the music taht I liked the most of all Star Trek statements.

  6. kevs98supra says:


  7. captainbossi says:

    I saw all of the Original Series, it was good. I saw all of TNG, thought it was perfect. I saw a lot of Voyager, thought it was the best when it came to action. Then I finally got around to Deep Space Nine. I cried when it ended, SUCH a great series, there is no comparison. Deep deep characters, great plots. I wish they had made more :(

  8. rtds9fan says:

    @Onefleshabiding15 For me Voyager and Enterprise were the boring ones.I’ll be honest the first four seasons were ‘ahhhh okay’ but when they bring the Dominion in during five,six and seven…..well it kicks the butt of all the rest of the Star Trek shows.

  9. 117Shinigami says:

    @Furbydude05 The nebula class ship’s do have the same feature’s as the galaxy class ships, so I don’t blame you for mistakeing that ship for the enterprise. When I first saw it I thought it was the enterprise as well, but this became the DS9 opening after Generations. So during this time Picard is commanding the enterprise E not D

  10. Furbydude05 says:

    @117Shinigami right. I freeze framed at 0:44 and somehow, that nebula class ship looks an awful lot like the Enterprise.

  11. 117Shinigami says:

    @Furbydude05 I was talking about that ship.

  12. Furbydude05 says:

    @117Shinigami I wasnt talking about ship at the bottom! the ship I’m referring to is above is at the top.

  13. 117Shinigami says:

    @Furbydude05 That’s not the enterprise. That ship is a nebula class ship, not a galaxy class. Plus that ship’s nacelles is below the secondary hull.

  14. Furbydude05 says:

    0:44 if you look at the top of the screen, you’ll see the Enterprise docked

  15. Onefleshabiding15 says:

    Wow, I’ve watched The Next Generation and Enterprise and love them, and Voyager is my favorite series ever, but I’ve never really watched Deep Space Nine cause my family all said it was boring compared to Voyager. But I really should start watching it. This theme/intro is almost as beautiful as Voyager’s.

  16. llouw1 says:

    I love the song!

  17. smorud says:

    Very majestic music for a great space station hub and wonderful show. How I miss this so much.

  18. Roadracer987654321 says:

    The Deep space Nine space station was Cool, Powerful and Formidable after Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sicko built it up tp protect Bajor/ Dodge City. It should have had a 2nd Defiant Class ship assigned to it and a Supercharged Reliant type ship assigned to it for sisko to have at his disposal. DS9 as an outpost was Rockin’.. It even blew the Crap out of 300 Klingon Battle Cruisers trying to Board and Destroy it. Deep space Nine’s new Torpedo Bays and Phaser Guns Fired so Hard it was Shocking

  19. Usul573 says:

    Pat TV endings drive me insane sometimes XD
    That’s why reading sci-fi can be refreshing.

  20. Zoidberg312 says:

    My favorite of the ST series (though not to knock any of the others). I really like the way that, in later seasons, they had storylines that spanned several episodes, or even seasons(Dominion War) versus a new adventure and speedy resolution each week.

  21. spoonmonkey14 says:

    Better than ST: Voyager.

  22. sjsharp2007 says:

    @Neuralatrophy yeash thast’s what started the war with the Dominin not that I blame sisk for ding it I’d have probably taken similar action

  23. Overfiend002 says:

    so… full… of…. win… T_T

  24. Neuralatrophy says:

    Yeah but I missed pretty much everything when the S#&* hit the fan so to speak after they mined the wormholes entrance.

  25. sjsharp2007 says:

    @Neuralatrophy actually they were at war for 2 Seasons 6 & 7 Great story though very well written

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