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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Opening Intro (Season 6)

Yet another Lovely Introduction To A Beautiful Series, Welcome Home (sorry about the sound, it appears sped up far more than usual) All copyrights belongs to their respective owners
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Star Trek Deep Space Nine Opening Intro (Season 6)”

  1. stoogemoedude says:


    DS9 started before B5 and ran for longer than B5. Rip-off? I guess your definition for rip-off is different from everyone else’s.

  2. RiVvenGuard says:

    @DominionDemon I suggest you look at Star Trek Voyager’s Intro before you make that assumption.

  3. hackmiker says:


  4. DairDubh says:

    I always thought that fanfare is being played too fast. Hold the notes longer! Play slower and more stately.

  5. d28864 says:

    @lopido actually, Deep Space Nine had it’s first airing on January 3rd 1993. Babylon 5 had it’s first movie which later was followed by the series aired Feb 22 1993, AFTER DS9 was already into it’s first season. Kind of hard to rip something off that wasn’t even released yet.

  6. DominionDemon says:

    While an amazing series, this has to be the best Star Trek intro to date.

  7. lopido says:

    ds9=rip off of babylon 5

  8. clemsonpacer1 says:

    RIP Irratonalys’s Channel

  9. rocawayman says:

    @TotalBunghole Kim Cardassian?

  10. BelgianMusic says:

    @kwisi i thought it was the worst, to be honest.. the first 2 seasons were tolerable and the 3rd one was rather good but the final season was downright horrible! all in all enterprise left me with an empty feeling in my stomach.

    ds9 still gets my vote as fav trek series, no doubt about that.

  11. TheNgamerz says:

    I’ve watched star trek my entire life. Started watching mid way through TNG because I can’t help being born in the 80s lol. All the series hit a specific niche with me, but DS9, all around, is probably my favorite. I mean, the story the entire series takes is just unique and amazing.

  12. Kottonism says:

    @kwisi i hope you watched all them before you made that decision because Enterprise is the worst

  13. Kottonism says:

    alright finished the series. Definitely worth watching. Although much as i suspected sequels or spin offs always make a staircase
    I TNG_
    I DS9
    It does get much better after the 4th or so season but they killed it for me at the finale of the 6th. there were a few great episodes in the 7th but it mostly bored me.

    P.S. my BIGGEST pet peeve about this spin off was THIS opening intro crap! soo boring i FF every time this annoying scene showed up -.-

  14. KramNodd says:


    Your lame attempts to be poetic are laughable

  15. SuperKirkspock says:

    @Doxie79 its all good live long and prosper

  16. BabiioFloraa31 says:


  17. kwisi says:

    the star trek series with cpt archer is my favorite

  18. bfsparrow says:

    This was my favorite series, but my favorite intro is that of The Next Generation, not that there’s anything wrong with this.

  19. TotalBunghole says:

    21 Cardassians watched this video.

  20. MayaMayiim says:

    In my humble opinion, this sound track saved Star Trek, musically. It breathes where there is no air. It sails where there is sailing… the full boquet of angelic resonance… pumping life into the darkness of eternal space.

  21. MayaMayiim says:

    In my humble opinion, this sound track saved Star Trek, musically. It breathes where there is no air. It sails where there is sailing…

  22. 1966nj1 says:

    i love show so much

  23. MrHoppers002 says:

    season 5-7 are the best parts of ds9.

  24. PrimusFriendKing says:

    This song makes me imagine the story’s of the past. I wonder if their is anyone alive who can visit or see them long ago in their glory… oh well I guess they have quiet a gift who ever they are!

  25. arna11420 says:

    It’s not important whether you like the most DS9 or TNG or TOS. What is important is that you don’t like sparkling emo vampires.

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