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Star Trek, Deep Space Nine: In The Pale Moonlight

The Best Moment in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, which explains how the Romulans joined the Dominion war. I warn you, this is about as far away from Star Trek as you can get, but it is flawless in execution… From the Episode, ‘In the Pale moonlight’ Star Trek is owned by Paramount
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25 Responses to “Star Trek, Deep Space Nine: In The Pale Moonlight”

  1. thebuckrogers22 says:

    @Backlap no, spock and the bad guy traveled back in time and made an alternative reality. that’s why kirk dad died when he was a kid and never grew up with him. in the series kirk dad was alive and well and raised him, but cuz of the time change, kirk dad died when he was a kid. they mentioned it in the movie.

  2. Backlap says:


    But I thought the 2009 Star Trek was just in a parallel timeline?

  3. rstryker27 says:

    I hope that this crashes all of the self righteous expectations of left wing morons who think that no one ever has to break the rules so that the ” good guys ” win.

  4. xninjagrrl says:

    garak was always one of the most interesting characters for me, i am feeling very nostalgic for this show now

  5. ben091294 says:

    @abanks1959 No, it was 1.TNG 2.DS9 3.TOS 4.Voyager 5.Enterprise. But I have to admit, I like all of the series. And Picard would have driven them all back to the Gamma Quadrant. Epsiodes like I, Borg show him to be capable of those things. Janeway would have also helped. Kirk would too, after he had the chance to experience Dominion women.

  6. ben091294 says:

    @VoodooRhythmSound Sisko, being in charge of a space station, couldn’t run away. But I agree with you. He was a good captain.

  7. tinamoul says:

    @abanks1959 Picard and Janeway definitely, but not Kirk.

  8. Alan123123123 says:

    great just great

  9. AmericanSupremacy1 says:

    I wish it would have ended in a way that would make it easy to make a sequel… but if im ever a good writer i am going to try we cant let this masterpiece be forgotten.

  10. stareagle11 says:

    @bluenail03 agreed all due respect to Gene his world wasn’t ever going to happen, light cannot excist without darkness and DS9 showed that.

  11. thebuckrogers22 says:

    u know what sucks. cuz of the new star trek movie, chances r we will never see a ds9 or voyager movie be made. cuz now fans and non star trek fans only wanna see new star trek movies made with the cast of 2009. plus since the time line has changed, no one knows what new lives the 24th cent. star trek people will lead. so that changes everything we saw on the shows. which totally sucks, also when r we getting a new star trek show???

  12. SofaKingWeTodEd666 says:

    IT’S A FAAAAAKE!!!!!!

  13. PaintersThe says:


    Pike from the original pilot was the best captain ever!

  14. 2Scribble says:

    @abanks1959 – I think Picard and Janeway were AWESOME. Though I think that the characters – not the writers – wouldn’t allow THEMSELVES to be human

    Picard was VERY private – his role as a captain only made him more so. I like how he see’s his position as a captain and agree with it. However, I liked Sisko’s portrayal too much to not rate him second and Janeway third

    With Kirk – the most unrealistic (Captains should spend less time in bed and more time on the bridge) always my least fav

  15. abanks1959 says:

    @movieking88 The Dominion would have had the Alpha Quadrant if left up to Picard, Janeway or Kirk by the way of their behavior.

  16. abanks1959 says:

    @AsaphProject My ranking…….#1 DS9, #2 TOS, #3 Voyager, #4 TNG, #5 Enterprise

  17. abanks1959 says:

    @lehtsan Your a dumb fuck. Garak got Bitch slapped by Sisco because he was not up front with him about being skeptical of Grathon Tolar’s ability to pull off their plain. If Garak would have said lets kill this guy and kill that guy and make the Romulans think it was the Dominion, Sisko would have said no.

  18. abanks1959 says:

    @2Scribble The problem was that the other shows wouldn’t allow Janeway or Picard to be this life like. Picard was a very unrealistic Goody 2 shoes Captain(ST9)

  19. Toolshed48 says:

    Avery Brooks should have been given his own Star Trek movie. Excellent actor, excellent commander. Of course, only after he shaved his head and grew a goatee. =D

  20. abanks1959 says:

    @rtds9fan Dude you are totally confused about life. Haven’t you been reading most of the post on here about Sisko being the most realistic Captain. Everyone will express strong disapproval of underhand methods like the ones section 31 used. The methods they used on Doctor Bashir, using Odo as a carrier. There is a time when drastic measures are used in very drastic times to save billions of peoples lives.The plain Sisko used only went forward with Star Fleet’s blessing. Please re-watch again.

  21. abanks1959 says:

    @2Scribble Well said

  22. abanks1959 says:

    Respond to this video…

  23. abanks1959 says:

    @2Scribble Well said.

  24. abanks1959 says:

    @RepublicOfVietnam You must be very sick. Your getting Dax confused with Westley Crusher or Nelix.

  25. abanks1959 says:

    @NPA1001 All of DS9′s characters where well wrote.

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